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    Healing the eagle boss in ZA.

    first, my armory

    I'm having a weird experience with this boss. Tuesday, i healed it twice fine. But since then i have not been able to do it. I have this weird paranoid feeling it's been stealth nerfed, but i could just be sucking. I've tried is as both disc / holy, and the damage is just unhealable everytime. As holy i go into Aoe chakra, keep renews around, CoH on CD, PoM on CD, And keep the raid up with a combo of binding, flash, and greater when there on CD. Dispelling the debuff as it comes up. I just keep getting to the point every time where i cant even keep the raid up spamming flash healx2 then hasted greater over and over again, theres just so much damage output.

    As disc, I'm doing my usual keep shields up, spam PoH, greater heals, poms, etc. I generally do a little better on it as disc, but still always getting to a point late in the fight were i just cant keep up. I'm averaging around 11-13k HPS in both specs on each wipe.

    Am i missing something? is anyone else having alot of trouble healing this one? (Also, I'm not going Oom, I just cant put out enough healing.

    Also, I'm straight pugging, so the groups arnt always the best. people usually around 10k dps, tanks with like 170-200k hp(some of them stam stacking, but it's mostly magic damage so it shouldnt be to much of an issue?) Also, I'd really like to think I'm not a terrible healer. Have had no issues with any of the normal raids. Generally outhealing the paladin and shaman i raid with.
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    Sounds like dps troubles. 10k in there sounds pretty pathetic. 13k hps should be enough I would long is it lasting?

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    Quite awhile. I've been reading the thread on the Raid and dungeon forums (i saw it after i posted this). Apparently alot of other people are having trouble with it too. Was changed after the reset. It appears the dps has to be really good and kill both the little and big birds, not just the big ones. Felt like a few mins, I wasn't keeping track. Done it with a few diff groups, dps varying. Gonna go retry it and see if i cant get some real dps.

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    Mana issues? if so tell people that 16k dps is MIN req to join your group, kick them if not.

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    Is your group hugging eachother? If so, that's the problem. Generally you're fairly spread and only collapse as the lightning storm thing is about to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntingbear_grimbatol View Post
    Mana issues? if so tell people that 16k dps is MIN req to join your group, kick them if not.
    Not mana issues, Just not able to put out enough healing to keep everyone up. with shadowfiend and mana pots i can usually have enough.

    I've been straight pugging via dungeon finder, I'll just have to not do that. Get to many people in pvp gear that can do more then 10 or 11k dps.

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    uhm. make sure the group spread outs 10 yard each. his range attack is a pretty pain and stacks. it can be dispelled so make sure you dispel the debuff. if its the storm phase that does lots of pain then it lies in the group not stacking up in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Restraint View Post
    Also, I'm straight pugging, so the groups arnt always the best.
    Honestly, it's tough for me to even say that you're doing anything wrong because, to be frank, you have decent gear and you sound like you know what you're doing. Saying that you're pugging this instance just really gives me shivers because I have never had any good experiences recently with that; I usually end up spamming flash heals with greater heals after stacking serendipity.

    As of right now, I only do ZA/ZG with guildmates because of so much fail with pugs and people not knowing what to do, don't know their class, or whatever. The last time I went in there, the hunter was doing under 7k DPS! Just because a person meets the item level required to enter is NO indication as to whether or not the appropriate skill level is as well. 10K DPS would be 'OK' in the T1 5-mans, but these are considered T2 and have higher requirements. The bosses here hit so very hard and I would say they are comparable to those found in BoT.

    Best of luck.
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    Also the cloud that you stand under during the encounter. On Tuesday it would spawn a good 5-6 sec before the storm, after resets it spawns at the same time the storm gives you like no time to avoid it.

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    In melee heavy groups the melee have to watch themselves. Tell them to close recount and pay attention. If you've got a full ranged dps set it shouldn't be as hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tragedies View Post
    Also the cloud that you stand under during the encounter. On Tuesday it would spawn a good 5-6 sec before the storm, after resets it spawns at the same time the storm gives you like no time to avoid it.
    The warning comes when it starts raining, so you should just merge into melee when it begins to rain.

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    You seem to know what's going on. I think it's your dps. If they can't down the birds quickly, that fight becomes hellish.
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    I'm at comparable ilvl, and even healed it on my lesser geared shaman. Only have trouble when:

    1. People decide to hump each other and don't spread out, thus spreading his Static Disruption to multiple people. Only one person should be getting it when its cast.

    2. People spread too far apart and don't collapse on the Electrical Storm target in time. Just tell everyone to stand at the corners of the inner rectangle on the floor around the boss.

    Little adds die in one shot, so there's no excuse for dps not to be killing those either. Ignoring them is just added aoe damage you have to heal through.

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    time spent dispelling = lost heals. As an additional kick in the teeth, if extra people get debuffed you need even more healing, but you just wasted even more time/mana dispelling. ugh.

    this fight is about mechanics not dps. adds first, spread collapse

    If done properly he puts out ~8k dps, improperly you'll be taking 30k spikes.
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    Ty for the responses. I was more concerned about it getting suddenly harder, But I've seen on a few other posts that it was obviously buffed a little bit. Needed to make sure i wasn't crazy and or bad.

    I actually got a pug a little big ago with some real dps, pulling around 17kish. Bloodlusting and bursting him trivializes it back to what it was.
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    It's really hard to heal in a melee stacked group. Everyone needs to be 10 yards apart to avoid chaining the lightning debuff. If only one person gets it it is incredibly easy to heal. If 3 or more people get the debuff it is a pain in the ass.

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    as a druid i run in circles praying no one dies....... end up pulling 16k+ hps out my ass then finally breathing when it's dead

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    i only have problems on tht boss when im in a group full of idiots and 4/5 people get tht debuff and im stuck diseplling way too much

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    I can pretty much guarantee that the problem you're having is related to the little birds. Killing them is trivial -- they only have around 3k HP apiece. Any ranged DPS should be able to hit each one with any instant-cast spell/ability and they should drop from the sky in a heartbeat.

    But if they're terrible and ignore them, you're going to have one hell of a time healing it. They swoop down frequently and peck people at random for 10-15k damage apiece, and there's a lot of them. Killing them quickly removes the great majority of the potential damage in the fight.

    So in short, tell your ranged DPS to stop sucking.

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    Have dps spread out. Twice now the tank in the group said to have everyone pile on the boss, but that leads to everyone getting the debuff every single time = shitton fuckload of damage that becomes unhealable fast due to the stacking damage taken debuff.
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