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    Can't work out whats changed in the new patch...

    I can't seem to find any info on what has changed as a holy priest when the new patch on wednesday went live, I'm probably failing at looking online... anyway previously I had no issues of going OOM, but now I seem to go OOM so easily, and now i'm having to change my methods of healing... (i wasn't quite raid ready in terms of gear, but i never went OOM until patch.. =( )

    Is there a website that any one has found or knows of that can tell me the patch changes? It would be greatly appreciated..
    Also, out of curiosity, if any one has nailed the holy priest, I'm curious what your priority heals are in 5man, and 10man dungeons...?

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    Nothing's changed in the patch in regards to our mana efficiency.

    If you're looking for beginner's steps into 5-mans, I'd suggest you look up at Ynna's guide in the "READ BEFORE POSTING" sticky.
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    I noticed that too Becup. Before the patch i was ok.
    Im doing the samething and my mana drop fast

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    Only mana efficiency change I've noticed is due to the fact that i'm using Holy Word: Sanctuary more. (Mostly due to the awesome graphic -- the healing is still rather shitty unless you pre-cast it when you know damage is incoming)

    Everything else seems rather normal.

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    it's a lil frustrating... i used to use greater heal quite a lot.. probably not what i should have been using, but as a whole a lot better than flash heal, and heal.. but ive been rethinking my strategy, like when ever you cast 2 flash heals, you get a buff, and then cast greater heal. (im rubbish at remembering what it is called, sorry..) but i'm still thinking this eats your mana like its pudding...

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