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    Rate/Help me? ^_~


    How am I doing so far? I'm keeping in mind Hit cap and whatnot, Just looking to see how I'm doing/What I can upgrade the fastest. Thanks ^_^!

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    Does not look to bad.
    I'v you plan on raiding or going to ZG/ZA bring a "flask of flowing waters" for some extra hit.
    Try replacing you cape with "Shadow of Perfect Bliss" or "springvale's cloak", your pvp trink with "Anhuur's Hymnal" and witching hourglass with the herioc version, "Gale of shadows","Tendrils of Burrowing Dark" or "sorrowsong".
    And for boots U could get "boots of lingering sorrow" or "Slippers of the Twilight Prophet", and you could replace your wrists with "Baron Ashbury's Cuffs" or "
    Sand Silk Wristband"

    U could also get into a guild to clear a few raid bosses every week, even if you don't win any gear u'll still get valor points.

    Good luck with the gearing.

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