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    Holy or Disc for Nef 10 Normal?

    My guild will be progressing on Nefarian tomorrow and I'm wondering if I should switch to disc to mitigate crackles with shields and PW:B.

    I can also see lightwell being really useful on this fight, so I'm debating which spec would work out better.

    Our healing composition is myself (Holy Priest) + Holy Pala + Resto Sham.

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    I play a priest in our alt runs, and I do much prefer holy for nef 10 normal.
    Put the lightwell up as soon as the fights engaged, its then up for phase 2, assuming your dps isnt godlike. Use your guardian spirit on yourself for the first crackle, heal through the second, assuming you do 2 in the air phase. This is then back up for phase 3, assuming your add tank healing, which I usually am, your GS and Lightwell are both up about 30 seconds into the phase.
    Shove the lightwell into the raid group, make them click on it.

    Disc would be just as viable, I just prefer holy on that fight.
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    I like disc - being able to barrier crackles is a massive bonus, especially in P2.

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    Depends on what you're role is, and either can handle both roles fine in the end. I usually go Disc if I'm on the Onyxia/Kite tank in p3 for the CD's that Disc brings, since I'm more on my own, while holy works much better for the crackles, and either for the Nef tank. While PW:B is nice for the crackle, it isn't necessary. I tend to use it on the tank more when I'm disc to give him 25% damage reduction from the adds + crackle. PW:S is also very good for crackles. Don't bubble spam the raid, but have one on yourself and anyone else who has maybe less hp or the add tank or w/e.

    Crackle will never kill anyone at full, and there is no raid damage other than crackle, so either can handle the healing, just what you prefer.

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    Disc all the way i would say. You are a stronger tank healer as disc, and you will be on a tank 2/3rds of the fight, and Disc makes pillar healing wery easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by custos View Post
    Disc all the way i would say. You are a stronger tank healer as disc, and you will be on a tank 2/3rds of the fight, and Disc makes pillar healing wery easy.
    Having done both multiple times -- pillar healing as holy is easier. Just plop down a lightwell and heal spam to refresh renews. Typically i'm even mana positive in the phase if it's done correctly.

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    Disc if you are progressing.

    On normal you don't need to use any cooldowns to survive, not even preshield. However, preshielding the weak targets is awesome and helped us when we were progressing. I run holy raid heal nowadays and Nef isn't a problem, just gotta make sure to use GS on myself during P2 crackle to remove any risk of dying.
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    Both specs are strong, pick whatever one you play the best, though you should think of it like this, if you mainly want to keep tank up in p3 go disc and if you wanna keep raid up go holy.
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    I'd say Disc, simply as I love disc on my alt and have no real issues healing this encounter, and as mentioned above most of the time I'm tank healing so for me Disc is the way to go.

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    I started off doing holy, but also healed with another holy priest and a druid. I switched to disc to help mitigate crackle damage and it worked awesome. PI + shields, or barrier both did awesome. I also got switched to healing the kiting tank in phase 3, which disc is probably better than holy at. It sucked not having a LW for phase2, but I would normally just drop divine hymn when we popped up, then barrier (if needed, sometimes not), and then proceeded to smite the add to death, with a pom bouncing around.

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    Either one works, but Disc is FTW for barrier'ing crackles. However they nerfed its CD so you won't be able to use it more than 2 or 3 times, depending on how slow your DPS are.
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    Lightwell really does trivialize phase 2 healing. Drop a Lightwell on your pillar when Nef's at about 90%. This way, during phase 2, after all the charges are used or 3 minutes pass, you can drop another Lightwell on your pillar. In phase 1, I'm on the add tank and then raid healing/spot Nef tank healing. I GS the Nef tank once he starts to position Nef to help that healer out. By the time you get to Electrocutes in Phase 2, GS will be up. You can Spirit yourself on a P2 Electrocute to keep yourself alive if you're worried about dying. Holy also brings Blessed Resilience. Staying alive in P2 is so much easier with +30% healing done to you and with Nefarian spamming Shadowflame Barrage, it has incredible uptime.

    Crackle will never kill anyone at full
    No, it won't, but bad RNG on Shadowflame Barrage and someone not using a defensive CD certainly can, but that's a moot point because it's not your fault.

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    I've used both specs and my job is generally the Nef tank and a pillar with 2 other people. I like both specs, but Holy makes healing after unmitigated crackles quick and painless. Blessed Resilience and Lightwell are pretty nice bonuses too.

    Both specs are perfectly viable though... I'd say go with what you are most comfortable with and you'll do fine.

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