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    Quote Originally Posted by Drizztcz View Post
    Mornin' was without any major problems. Hunter on trash packs was pullin' around 35-40k dps. Suddenly on the evenin' run on the same pack his dps didn't raise above 22k. Our tank was goin' down like crazy and healer (same guy) was OOM in the middle of the fight while in the mornin' he was almost full on mana when the fight was over.
    So things like this dps and hps decrease, imho, are not about some luck or bad RNG, but somethin' that happened on our server/battlegroup. But I might be wrong ofc.
    So what you're telling us, is that the server is out to get you?

    Honestly, it's all faults from the player side. Either you lot played worse, rng wasn't at your favour, or this is a well hidden "Nerf the new heroics" troll post.

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    1st day lightning boss seemes a lot easier than 24 hours later.

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    Does seem to be down to the birds. Have someone doing a little light AoE (even the tank can do this if they have something that covers 360). Seems they hurt quite a bit if left to stack up. Have done about 10 runs of ZA and facerolled the bird boss but with same healer, me as tank and a different group setup we ended up with a spriest going disc for smite healing and I switched to my AoE rotation (as prot pally) to avoid getting nuked to bits from about 40% onwards.
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    It's consistent. I've been there multiple times. The only wipe problems consisted of not CCing, dps not knowing where to stand during a particular boss fight, and a healer who was brand new to the instance.
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