Thread: Penance bug?

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    Penance bug?

    Hi, I just experienced a bug with penance in a few bg's before and was wondering if anybody else has experienced something similar. What happens is I cast penance, but nothing happens. My character starts to go into the casting animation but then just sort of freezes and stands there with his arm up. No light beams go to my target and they do not get healed. The spell goes on cooldown anyway.

    This happened about 10 times in each of the few bg's i just did. I have not tried turning off mods yet I was just curious if anybody else has had this happen.

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    I've seen it when people get out of range as it starts channelling, don't think it's related to any addons.

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    Yea I've seen that but these were all in range. A couple times it even happened casting on myself.

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    i've seen it happen if i've been interupted too.
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