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    How to get YOUR Amani Battle Bear

    Pre-Dungeon: Get a good group makeup. This obviously is going to consist of a tank, healer, and 3 dps. Make sure your healer is very mana-efficient, but knows how to do some badass burst healing. The dps makeup is variable, but it shouldn't be 3 melee or you will be screwed. Cleave classes work well for trash, so classes like warriors, boomkins, and combat rogues all are helpful. Heroism is extremely helpful, the only way to get around it is either to pull some fancy trash skipping or have great dps.

    In the Dungeon Itself:
    I will explain the trash going up until each boss, and the boss itself.

    Eagle Boss(Akil'Zon): Ring the gong. The doors will open. There will be 2 elite mobs to your left and right, along with non elite mobs running up the stairs. Focus the elite mobs first while cleaving/AoEing the non elites.
    Run down the stairs. Avoid the pat and move left. Take another left, and grab the first group on the hill. Kill the caster first. Once caster is dead, grab next group. You want to chain pull once the casters are dead. If you are geared/skilled enough, you can risk taking two groups at once. Eagles will fly down the hill, Aoe them down. There will be 4 packs of two mobs, finish these and then engage the mob on the stairs before the boss. Kill him. If your healer needs a few seconds to drink, do it quickly while your group gets ready. Engage the boss. Blow heroism right away. This boss is simple, kill the white eagle when it picks someone up, stand under the lightning cloud when he casts it on someone. Finish the boss, and quickly run down the stairs.

    Bear Boss(Nalorakk): Do not pull the pat you already skipped, if needed go down the hill and run up around them. Run close to where Nalorakk is standing on the ledge. 3 mobs will jump down. Kill them for about 10-20 seconds, then start running to the next group when they are soon to die. Pull the next two bears, and similarly when they are about to die start running around the wall and through the opening. Nalorakk is at the top of the stairs with 4 mobs. One is a caster type that must either be focused or cced. This mob will drop a protective totem and healing totem that should be killed. Take note, the caster is immune to CC until he is close to the bottom of the stairs. Finish these mobs off, and then move up to the Next group of two bear riders. Kill them and their mounts. Go up the stairs, and then pull the hardest group of trash in this section, two bear riders and two extra mobs. This group has another caster with totems, so either CC or Focus him. Regen mana quickly, and then pull Nalorakk. Nalorakk has two phases. In P1, he will charge the farthest person away and put a debuff on them. If they are charged again, they will likely die. Once someone is charged, they must run in close to the boss. There will be 3 charges per P1. When he shifts to a bear, the tank will start getting hit hard. There are no other mechanics for p2 that I know of. Repeat this until the boss is dead. Run down the stairs and to your left.

    Dragonhawk Boss(Jan ' Alai): At this point, no more time will be added to the timer. This trash consists of 7 different types of mobs. Scouts(must be killed for they summon more adds), flame casters(must be either killed and dispelled of their buff, or cced), Archons(priest type mega trash, kill them second to flame casters), Juggernauts(big melee bruisers, they are 3rd on kill order), and 3 other simple melee mob types. This is the one area where I do not recommend chain pulling. Move through this area quickly, but be cautious of scouts. Death Grip and roots work perfectly for this mob type. This trash should take you 2-3 minutes to complete, max. For Jan ' Alai, there are 3 major mechanics. He will do a flame breath that leaves flame puddles on the ground. Contrary to what most people think, you do NOT want to stand in this. He will also teleport to the middle of the room and channel a flame bomb spell. This puts flame bombs all over the room. They are easy enough to avoid, so do not get hit by them or you will likely die. Finally, he summons 2 hatchers that spawn where you came in. These egg hatchers will run to the sides of his area and start to spawn dragonhawks. While easy to aoe down, these dragonhawks put a fire debuff on the tank, so they are not good to have in high numbers. The easiest way I know of dealing with this is to kill one of the hatchers, and let the other one hatch all on that side. At about 2 million HP, he will release the remaining dragonhawks. Aoe these down, and keep the tank dispelled as much as possible. Finish him off, and prepare for the final section.

    Lynx boss(Halazzi): Jump down from the dragonhawk boss. Skip the pat of the archon and juggernaut, and pull the lynx next to the tree. 5-10 small lynxes will spawn, aoe these down. Run towards the lynx boss and take the right path by the lake. If you have some type of water walking, run across the lake and skip the pat of crocodiles. At this point, if you have 5-6 minutes left, you should be in the gold as far as time goes. Run up the path between the bushes. 4 stealthed lynxes will spawn. Let the tank get aggro, then keep going. Another 4 will spawn. Aoe these down. When they are about to die, start moving again. There will be 2 more groups of lynxes, so use the same technique. At the top of the stairs, aggro this group and kill them. At this point do NOT wait for mana for your healer. Halazzi has 4 main mechanics. He has an enrage(simple enough), he summons a lightning totem which can be killed or healed through if you spread out, and he summons a water totem. This water totem restores health and mana of anyone in it. The tank wants to drag Halazzi out of the water totem and your healer should stand in this area. Then, after about 30-45 seconds the boss will split into a lynx spirit and the troll form. Burn the troll form, and heal through the lynx spirit. He will continue to summon lightning totems during this phase. When the troll is at 300k-ish HP, he will merge again. Rinse and repeat until he is dead. If you kill him before the time runs out, then congratz, you have a chance at an Amani Battle Bear!

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    Couple of things to add, Nalorakk does an aoe silence in his phase2 bear form. Not sure on cooldown.

    You can skip a lot of the trash between Jan'Alai and Halazzi by going down near the river and running up to the pack of Lynx's and then jumping through the house windows, this is an old trick from the original bear run. Make sure however to dismiss any pets as they will attempt to go around the houses and pull more trash. This way you only have to pull 1 pack (Lynx and it's cubs), then go past the back of Halazzi's building and over the water.

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    Thanks for the guide!
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