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    Healing Akil'zon 4.1

    So yeah, i'm having some problem healing this boss, mainly with the dispelling. any1 got some tips there? i am using mass dispell on it. but shall i keep dispelling all the time? or just wait til before storm?

    Pretty basic question. (English is'nt my first speaking Language, just so you know.)

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    I didnt really figured out the tactics when I killed it, but it seems like you have to spread out for the debuff so it doesnt hit multiple targets. Then it wont stack so high and the healing is much easiere.

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    Spread, dispell first, slowly use cds, melee will spread it so be ready doe them almost wverytime. It truely is a mana owning fight.
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    to many debuffs to dispel, i just heal through it

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    Not dispelling it, just make sure they're in the center of the storm.

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    You have to spread out. DBM tells us "10 metres" is a good distance.

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    yet another fight in cata that hates melee :P.
    try to get everyone to spread out, make sure the birds are nuked quick they do a fair bit of damage.
    keep an eye on your health, as a tank in the runs ive done on it the healer tends to go down first, remeber you are more important to the success than say one dps. any good tank will keep an eye on mana throughout the fight and other people health and if he see's people are low should blow some cd's to give the healer a chance to catch up.

    luckily im a dk tank so healers can generally focus on just the dps since i dont take that much damage on this fight, plus the new BR always helps

    tell melee to spread out, most bosses you dont have to be right next to them to hit them.

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    When we did timed runs on thursday with a priest healer, we just had everyone stack for birds and mass dispelled the debuff. Seemed to work, but we are well geared.
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    Aslong as tanks cycle through their CD's enough, and Dps aren't pants on head retarded about getting under the lightning storm, you pretty much don't have to even worry about dispelling it.

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    It doesn't need to be dispelled. Don't stack up. Move in for the storm. That's all.

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    Always remember this, you can hear rain right before the storm...turn surround volume to max for it.

    Btw I only played ZA in TBC so I'm just guessing you are talking about the bird boss here...sorry if I guessed wrong.

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    It stacks up so if you ignore it at all especially on melee if they get hit for a third time for example, they'll get one shot because its 30k nature damage every time its applied and the debuff itself increases nature damage taken. Personally I dispel it all the time on melee, if we're ranged heavy then its a good day since it should only hit 1 person.

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