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Ohoho, they sold more than Wii in this month alone! That's so devastating to Nintendo! I fail to see the point you're making.

Oh, here we go, the whole "real gamer" argument. What IS a """real""" gamer? I've been playing games all my life, love 'em, and I love my Wii.

What do people have against "kiddie" games? If the game is fun, why should you care if it's "kiddie"? Afraid that people will judge you? When I was 9, I played some sesame street game on NES because it was really damn fun. And nowadays, games like the new Kirby game are cutesy-as-fuck, even having super-lighthearted piano and harp music everywhere and bright vibrant graphics, I play it because it's fun.

Read again, 60GB model was $599.

Oh, "parts" are overpriced? Please, find every single part in the PS3 and Wii with respective prices. And if you're saying "nowadays", Wii is $150 and PS3 is still $300.
the 30gb model is still the same console, of course there are even better de-luxe versions out there with unecessary stuff. And yes wii parts are a lot worse than PS3 and especially in the launch and yes it does affect the price.