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  • Male Barbarian

    44 21.57%
  • Female Barbarian

    5 2.45%
  • Male Monk

    19 9.31%
  • Female Monk

    8 3.92%
  • Male Wizard

    15 7.35%
  • Female Wizard

    18 8.82%
  • Male Witch Doctor

    34 16.67%
  • Female Witch Doctor

    7 3.43%
  • Male Demon Hunter

    24 11.76%
  • Female Demon Hunter

    30 14.71%
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    Diablo 3- What are you rolling?

    With Diablo 3 getting closer and closer, I've been watching each class video a couple times to see which style I will like the most.

    So far I've come up with 2 choices that come very close to a tie:

    -Barbarian: Great possibility of being my first toon. I love melee and getting into the action.
    -Witch Doctor: Definitely not my play style and definitely not a fan of his/her looks.
    -Wizard: I really wanted to like the Wizard but after watching gameplay videos, the Wizard's attacks just feel too slow for me.
    -Monk: I played the Monk at Blizzcon 09' and just didn't feel a connection with this character. Also not a fan of the beads/bald look.
    -Demon Hunter: Even though this class will probably be one of the most played, I'm sort of leaning towards this toon as well. I use to love the Amazon in D2. As long as the male Demon Hunter looks great in game, there is a high chance I may roll this class first instead of a Barb.

    So my 2 top choices are: Male Barbarian or Male Demon Hunter (Has to look good in game)

    Let me hear your thoughts about which class you will be rolling. Added a poll to see the ratios!


    Edit: I think I've actually come to a conclusion and I'd like to give my official answer. I'm going with a Male Demon Hunter. After watching the Demon Hunter gameplay videos, soon as I saw Multishot, I was sold!
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    Leaping for the win!

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    sadly... I'll have one of everything. I did it in wow, I'll do it in diablo, I just have to. I must. And I must find all the best stuff for all of them. Even if it takes a lifetime, It WILL happen.
    also did it in diablo, diablo2, Titan Quest, Final fantasies.....
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    Male Witch Doctor. I have a feeling that turning crowds of enemies into skeletons all day will never get old.

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    Rolling everything, but going Monk first.

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    I'm likely to have one of each class as well, but loved the Amazon from D2, so will likely go for Demon Hunter first. As with D2, each class has a certain charm to me that appeals, so it may be a while before I have a definite favourite
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    I was going to go Demon Hunter, that is until I learned there are no bows in D3, so i'm going Wizard.

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    Male Witch Doctor all the way.

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    Female Monk - the class looks pretty fun, but I don't really like the male monk's looks
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    Male DH, and Male Wizard.

    I don't think DH will be as popular as you think; from what i saw, the learning curve to the class is interesting (note: I am not saying it's easy or hard). The attacks seem to require good knowledge of character placement and timing so I doubt it will be as popular as a more straight forward class.

    Edit: And yeah, I am rolling everything too - but those will be first :]

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    zealadin oh wait right i forgot blizzard is a bunch of assholes

    so i guess barb male

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    Female demon hunter or Male monk go go!

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    yay barb is in the lead nice to c people picking melee over run away and spam a spell till its dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Army of Darkness View Post
    I was going to go Demon Hunter, that is until I learned there are no bows in D3, so i'm going Wizard.
    No bows... so what i assume only x-bow and gun?

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    Can't wait to play D3 !

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    I'm gonna roll some of everything.
    Especially looking forward to Witch Doctor and Wizard however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilgemesh View Post
    I'll have one of everything.

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    male witch doctor for sure, loved necros in d2 and the WD looks like it has alot of the same playstyle

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    Yes, witch doctor!

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    later monk

    later the rest

    and of course only playing hardcore, as usual
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