View Poll Results: Which Class are you starting with?

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  • Male Barbarian

    44 21.57%
  • Female Barbarian

    5 2.45%
  • Male Monk

    19 9.31%
  • Female Monk

    8 3.92%
  • Male Wizard

    15 7.35%
  • Female Wizard

    18 8.82%
  • Male Witch Doctor

    34 16.67%
  • Female Witch Doctor

    7 3.43%
  • Male Demon Hunter

    24 11.76%
  • Female Demon Hunter

    30 14.71%
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  1. #21
    Male Monk, my buddies call everything else and we didnt wanna stack professions. Though I would pick monk regardless he looks like hes gonna be fun.

  2. #22
    sorceress , did it in d2 so will do it in d3

  3. #23
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    well theres no necromancer or druids (grr) so its witch doctor all the way

  4. #24
    Female Wizard. I was a Fire Sorceress in Diablo 2 and loved it.

  5. #25
    Female Wizard. They just feel so right.
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  6. #26
    Demon Hunter seems new and fun, might as well try it :P

  7. #27
    All of them.
    Monk ♀, Demon Hunter ♂/♀ (unsure), Wizard ♀, Barbarian ♂, Witch Doctor ♂.
    In this order. (So I voted Female Monk.)
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  8. #28
    Male Witch Doctor, the Locust Swarm got me, one button and just watch stubid zombies die

  9. #29
    No idea. All I know I want diablo3 now.. WoW is just piss boooring, and 4.2 proboaly months away (Maybe for good reasons to, ftl raiding in summer)

  10. #30
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    I'd say Male Monk.

    I'd like a new hammer paladin like in D2

  11. #31
    Male Barbarian and Female Wizard for me.
    I've always had one male and one female character since Diablo 1. (D1: Warrior/Rogue. D2: Barbarian/Sorceress)

    Don't really care about the other classes, they seem so boring. But will probably try them when I get bored.

  12. #32
    I'll most likely be a Necromancer.

    oh, wait.

    seriously, I think I'll have a male Barbarian, he's looking awesome.
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  13. #33
    female demon hunter, no question. might eventually make a female wizard alt, but only after i've gotten a lot of playtime out of my DH
    edit: the dh trailer was kinda cheesy, but gave me massive goosebumps, must have d3 now.

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    Female Demon Hunter. I luv me some pew-pew ranged classes.

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    Male Barbarian , there's just something special about wielding a giant weapon and crushing enemies.

  16. #36
    I've been a die hard Diablo fan for more than a decade now, and I plan to start off with a male Barbarian, followed by a female Demon Hunter/female Wizard, a male Monk and finally a female Witch Doctor. There are no Druids/Paladins yet so the order could change in the future, depending on enlarged character roster of course
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  17. #37
    Quote Originally Posted by Army of Darkness View Post
    I was going to go Demon Hunter, that is until I learned there are no bows in D3, so i'm going Wizard.
    No bows! you're kidding. Next thing you know they will have BG's in it and then it will be nerfville for the next ten years trying to get it balanced and in the end they will all have a similar feel and all the good things you liked about your toon ( warlock fears wow ) will be ruined and gone for the sake of pvp. lol.

  18. #38
    Male demon hunter or possibly monk. I need to look into monk more and will depends on what I find out about fist weapons since staff fighting does not seem appealing to me.

  19. #39
    I don't really know. I always prefer the "sorcerer" type of archetype. I did a spellcaster in d1 until I realized a warrior could cast just as spells and survive better. I did necromancer in d2 and later assassin.

    So I think my order will be Demon hunter ->Witch Doctor or Monk. They are all equal priority really just depends on my mood at the time of the game and what character I roll up first. Given the more random nature of levels and stuff I might actually be able to play through d3 more then once right away.

    D2 I couldn't play through again when it was the same basic levels.
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  20. #40
    The monk looks sooo sexy! But I don't like his style. Breaks my feelings. I'm planning on starting Witchdoctor, then going Wizard, and saving Barb for my last test of who my main will be. I'm hoping its Witchdoctor, but I have a strong feeling I'll stay Wizard.

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