View Poll Results: Which Class are you starting with?

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  • Male Barbarian

    44 21.57%
  • Female Barbarian

    5 2.45%
  • Male Monk

    19 9.31%
  • Female Monk

    8 3.92%
  • Male Wizard

    15 7.35%
  • Female Wizard

    18 8.82%
  • Male Witch Doctor

    34 16.67%
  • Female Witch Doctor

    7 3.43%
  • Male Demon Hunter

    24 11.76%
  • Female Demon Hunter

    30 14.71%
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  1. #41
    Which Doctor will I be? The Witch Doctor! HARHAHRAHR.


  2. #42
    Male barbarian first. Full out aoe madness, cleaving enemies like a bawz.

    Second character: Female Monk.
    Third character: Female Witchdoctor.
    Quote Originally Posted by Urti View Post
    Seriously this. I'm a high-speed, low-drag, supah-healah. Doling out the feel-goods LIKE A BAWS, keeping everyone shiny, happy and cool. Staying on top of my game, even in a combat situati....THERE'S THAT DAMN GROUNDHOG AGAIN!!!

  3. #43
    Everything. Can't decide what to roll first. Just can't. Barbarian ― epic. Demon Hunter ― epic. Sorcerer ― epic. Witch Doctor ― epic. etc. :/

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    Herald of the Titans kailtas's Avatar
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    Barbarian - Everything breaks if you just apply enough force.
    Your greed, your foolishness has brought you to this end.

    - Prince Malchezaar

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    Warchief godofslack's Avatar
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    Female DH followed, by female mage, followed by barbarian, followed by monk, followed by WD. All female.
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  6. #46
    Barbarian, always what i played in Diablo II so i figure i'll go for it now.

  7. #47
    Ever since the Monk was revealed I've been aching to play it ;_;

  8. #48
    Tried the witch doctor and the Demon hunter at the last 2 Blizzcon's. I liked them both a lot. Tho I never got the chance to try the others. But, watching the other classes, they are all pretty kick ass. I guess with what I have tried it will be a Witch Doctor. Prob male, but who knows.
    Orks, Space Marines, Rift (<---- Links for pics BTW)

  9. #49
    I'm hoping Blizzcon 2011 has some great news for us Diablo fans!

    Give me a BETA KEY, NOM NOM NOM!

  10. #50
    Will be my first time playing a diablo game, but I will be going a witch doctor

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    The Lightbringer Dewote's Avatar
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    male monk

    /10 char
    FC 2793-2016-8218 - Name: Suoma

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    Witch Doctor...closest to Necromancer :'(

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    Barbarian or witch doctor

  14. #54
    I'd go with the Monk first, looks the most fun of the lot... then the Witch Doctor - loved my Bone Necro back in D2.

    RIP, Igota_Boner

  15. #55
    Probably Monk since I am a fighting game lover. AND ITS ALL ABOUT COMBOS BABY!!!!!

    With a Witch Doctor alt.
    -Sig by tazsar aka. Gormlaith.

  16. #56
    female demonhunter

  17. #57
    I'm rolling fireballs with male wizard

  18. #58
    always loved Monk characters where i get to punch shit with my hands (such as early FF's and FFXI) and seeing the class come to Diablo is like a dream come true.
    Battlemaster Ralamus (retired rogue)
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  19. #59
    barbarian of course. leap + bladestorm ftw

    although monk looks good too with jet li fist action

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    I'm the pillow you sleep on at night.
    Witch Doctor no doubt.
    I always loved disease mechanics and unholy magic.
    "I CAN USE MYSELF AS A BLOCK" - Mike B aka Fony, Platforming Master

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