View Poll Results: Which Class are you starting with?

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  • Male Barbarian

    44 21.57%
  • Female Barbarian

    5 2.45%
  • Male Monk

    19 9.31%
  • Female Monk

    8 3.92%
  • Male Wizard

    15 7.35%
  • Female Wizard

    18 8.82%
  • Male Witch Doctor

    34 16.67%
  • Female Witch Doctor

    7 3.43%
  • Male Demon Hunter

    24 11.76%
  • Female Demon Hunter

    30 14.71%
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    After being able to play the Monk, Witch Doctor and Barbarian at the last few Blizzcons, I think I'm going to go with the Witch Doctor overall. Although I never had a chance really to play the Demon Hunter/Wizard (The lines for Diablo 3 every year were on average an hour to two just to sit down for 15 minutes of play) Witch doctor definitely was the most fun of the three classes that I did play.

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    I typically favour Wizards and ranged classes in rpg's, but in hack'n'slashers such as Diablo and similar it's just more convenient to have a melee char to trash through mobs. Not in the least because you're right on top of the loot that drops
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    I got very picky in D2 despite being an alt-whore in WoW. Maybe it was the massive imbalance, I don't know.

    But with that in mind, I'll probably end up trying Wizard first. have trouble playing melee in Diablo, though I'd like to see how they make the monk.

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