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    I've gotten bored with wow so i decided to check Dark spore out and i got to say its a vary nice game.

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    gets dull after an hour or so, but ok, i havnt paid much attention to matchmaking or pvp - could be missing out on something, but it tends to get boring after an hour or so
    But yea - overall nice game, and nice being able to switch your hero during the fights - makes it fun

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    Meh all i can think of when i see that game is the original spore, and while spore itself was okay im not going to shell out 60 for something that looks nearly the same.

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    What was spore even about? Never tried it.. could it do anything or was it just designing creatures and couldnt do anything? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ephilia View Post
    What was spore even about? Never tried it.. could it do anything or was it just designing creatures and couldnt do anything? :P
    Basically going from a one celled organism into ruler of the galaxy with being able to customize what your creature has ie. arms legs, mouths

    too be honest everything before the civilization phase was pretty good and should've only been that for the game but more expanded.

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    Darkspore is'nt any thing like the original Spore, aside from the art style of the creatures and the way you can customize them to a lesser extent. It's more of a dungeon crawler like Diablo except not as good and with a really shallow plot that you probably wont even pay attention to. It is still fun to play as long as you only play it for a few hours a day so you don't blow through the campaign too fast. It is a lot more fun to play with either friends or using the match maker. Playing solo is probably faster but you wont get to see some of the extra monsters they throw at you or have as many hordes of them to blow up.

    The only things that really bugged me about Darkspore was that they said there were 100 different characters to unlock and play. What there is instead are about 25 characters with 4 different versions and the only real difference is they get one ability swapped out for another ability of that same type and look slightly different. After you beat the campaign you are rewarded by getting to play through the campaign again on a harder difficulty which just means all the monsters you fight are a higher level then what they normally would be for those levels, but your characters are also probably around the same level as those new harder monsters so its really not harder at all. The pvp is also pretty damn pointless and not interesting at all. Pvp is basically 1v1 and 2v2 WoW style Arenas except there is only one map and its basically just a small circle that you do battle on for no reason because there is no reward for doing pvp.

    Overall it's not a bad game if you are bored and have 50$ laying around or really really really like Spore for some strange reason, but is you arent one of those people you might as well save your cash for some thing better or just wait untill Diablo 3 comes out if you are itching for a dungeon crawler that is acually good.

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    There's at least three pvp maps, as I got into that many during beta. Though I guess they could've removed them for launch. Which I highly doubt.
    And since when is pvp about rewards, I don't pvp in WoW or any other game for rewards, I do it to kill shit or piss people off.

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    I got bored of it fast but the concept of the fight style is very nice but it feels more like a battle-net game in wc3 or sc2 for me than a full out mmo

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    I played the beta. It was kind of cool, but definitely not worth 50 bucks. I would have paid 10 or maybe even 20 dollars for it at most.

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    been playing it non stop with some friends since it came out, can't get enough of it
    it's like a maddeningly addictive combination of diablo and pokemon, lol.
    click click click explosions, blood, fire, screaming, death, gotta catch em all!

    All the people saying its boring and not worth the money don't even seem to know what the game is.
    It's diablo in space with multiple heroes, not an mmo or dota or whatever crazy things people think it is.
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    I played the beta for about 1 day and got bored of it. The original Spore was way better. The game just seemed sort of pointless, like you pick your three dudes, customize them a bit, then go out into the level, right click on stuff to attack it using one of three abilities once in a while. You collect shiny things... and that's about it. I also felt like the inteface was a little too confusing (inside the spaceship, not out playing a level) and could use some work.

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    Is fun, but not worth 40 euro.

    I might download it and play it with some friends, first gotte see if they found a way around the security yet.

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    how can you intend to play it but not intend to pay for it?
    that is wrong on so many levels

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    Trust me after 6-1 it gets alot harder and the match making is real fun to play with 3 players.

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