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    Please help

    So my guild is only 10/12 Normal. Thats not very good but we are pretty casual, yet that doesn't stop me from trying to get my best dps possible.

    I know that i should post logs or something since im asking for help, i just don't understand how to set up/use WoL. But i do use Simulationcraft to check my own scale factors.
    Everytime I use Simcraft i see my estimated dps to be 22k-23k yet in an actual raid setting i can only seem to dish out as much as 17-18k. I was just wondering if anybody could help me without me having logs.

    I hope one of you can help me, cause even though im first on my guilds meters i still feel like i can do better.

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    Depends what you simmed honestly and you have to take into account that Simcraft is basically judging what a Robot is capable of. If you make a mistake, it takes reaction time to counter. A robot would see the mistake and counter it immediatly. If you need to move, a robot would move the exact distance needed, stop immediatly and immediatly being casting. The fact your not hitting that magic number from simcraft shows your humanity

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