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    And with regards to your statement that immigrants are overrepresented in Swedish crime statistics, I'm just gonna have to ask you to get your head out of your ass and read what the actual facts say about this and not just what your racist propaganda tells you. For those of you that don't read Swedish then Google translate is your friend:
    They are overrepresented when it comes to rape.
    Close your eyes and smile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowstorm View Post
    Whats up with our lands getting seen as Vrykuls from the icy Northrend? it isn't THAT cold!
    Atleast not in Denmark. can't speak for Sweden or Norway.
    Come to Røros (Norway) in the middle of the winter, and I will say it is fucking cold!. Like -40 for several weeks.
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    Not really needed in the Fun Stuff forums and I think the OP got enough of a response.

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