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    Lightbulb Pre-Raid Priest Gearing (Healing)

    I made a list of pre-raid gear that healing priests will need.
    This list covers all the gear you can get through
    - Heroic Instances
    - Justice Points
    - Reputation

    Further i made a list with enchants and gems which are relevant for us healing priests in cataclysm.

    Head: Mask of New Snow - 2200 JP
    Neck: Amulet of Tender Breath - Vortex Pinnacle - Altairus
    Shoulder: Mantle of Loss - SFK - Lord Godfrey
    Back:Solar Wind Cloak - Halls of Origination - Rajh
    Robe: Anraphet's Regalia - Halls of Origination - Anraphet
    Wrist: Baron Ashbury's Cuffs - SFK - Baron Ashbury
    Hands: Dolomite Adorned Gloves - Stonecore - Corborus
    Waist: Belt of the Falling Rain - 1650 JP
    Legs: Leggings of Charity - 2200 JP
    Boots: Hekatic Slippers - Halls of Origination - Rajh
    Ring #1: Veneficial Band - Lost City of the Tol'vir - Augh
    Ring #2: Kibble - Blackrock Caverns - Beauty
    Trinket #1: Tear of Blood - Stonecore - High Priestess Azil
    Trinket #2: Witching Hourglass - Blackrock Caverns - Ascendant Lord Obsidius
    Main-Hand:Scepter of Power - Halls of Origination - Setesh
    Off-Hand: Prophet's Scepter - Stonecore - High Priestess Azil
    Wand: Wand of Untainted Power - Grim Batol - Forgemaster Throngus
    Stave: Soul Releaser - Halls of Origination - Earthrager Ptah

    This leads to following instances:
    Halls Of Origination: 5(!) pieces
    Stonecore: 3 pieces
    Shadowfang Keep: 2 pieces
    Blackrock Caverns: 2 pieces
    Vortex Pinnacle: 1 piece
    Lost City of the Tol'vir: 1 piece
    Grim Batol: 1 piece

    You can see here thats its not necessary to waste your time in Throne of the Tides or Deadmines if you are going for gearing up for raids asap.
    You can however enjoy both instances nevertheless.

    Waist: Cord of Raven Queen - Hyjal - Guardians of Hyjal Exalted
    Main-Hand: Shimmering Morningstar - Tol Barad - Hellscream's Reach Revered
    Trinket: Mandala of Stirring Patterns - Tol Barad - Hellscream's Reach Exalted

    Head: Arcanum of Hyjal - Guardians of Hyjal Revered
    Shoulder: Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone - Therazane Exalted
    Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent
    Boots: Enchant Boots - Haste
    Legs: Powerful Ghostly Spellthread
    Bracer: Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Spirit
    Chest: Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats
    Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect
    Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Haste
    Off hand: Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect
    Ring: Enchant Ring - Intellect

    META: Ember Shadowspirit Diamond
    RED: Brilliant Inferno Ruby
    BLUE: Sparkling Ocean Sapphire
    YELLOW: Quick Amberjewel
    PURPLE: Purified Demonseye
    ORANGE: Reckless Ember Topaz
    GREEN: Zen Dream Emerald

    Of course there are more items you can get through professions like Tailoring, Jewelcrafting and Archeology.
    Feel free to add an item or submit a change for an existing item. I will try to keep this updated.

    Have fun & thx harky for clearing some things up.
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    I see a few errors in that list. Most notably you didn't mention any boots. There are some other obvious upgrades though as seen below.

    Helm: Mask of Snow
    Boots: Hekatic Slippers
    Legs: Leggings of Charity
    Waist: Belt of the Falling Rain
    Back: Solar Wind Cloak
    Ring 2: Kibble
    Trinket 2: Witching Hourglass
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    Yeah thanks i forgot to mention the boots, they were on my list nevertheless.
    I added the JP items. I didnt cover them because they are the obvious choice where your JP shall go to if you have no drop luck.
    Now you can double check here.
    The items you postet further are no upgrade per se.
    They have different stats which can be better for holy or disc.
    The trinket you posted is a dps trinket. It is sure usable but you should concentrate on manareg before you get your first tier gear.

    Thanks for the info. keep it coming...
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    Witching Hourglass supplies better regen than Rainsong. The proc is inconsequential. It's a direct upgrade to Rainsong as a healer.

    And no, for both Disc and Holy the proper stat order for entry level gear is Int > Spirit > Haste > Mastery > Crit. If you want it to be a BiS list and not just 'pretty good pre-raid gear' then you should be selecting the best item for that slot.

    Spirit/Haste > Spirit/Mastery > Haste/Mastery > Spirit/Crit > Haste/Crit > Mastery/Crit

    Special cases when dealing with items without gem slots, or with significant socket bonuses.

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    Well this is not true.
    It depends on your spec and your playstyle.
    For example: Stat priority for attonement spec priests at 85 is Int > spirit > mastery > haste > crit.
    Mastery is > haste because you wanna max bubbles for max smite-time.
    But please lets not start a stat conversation here.

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    Sorry, I thought you were creating this as a BiS list for pre-raid, which is why this type of list is usually made. If you're trying to make a universal list that is not intended to be used to prepare people for raiding then I apologize, I was working under the assumption that it was meant to properly gear people as they got ready for raiding. Thus the stat discussion, which is quite important to that type of list. Though I'm not sure what the point of this type of list is if that's not the intent. If it's meant to just be the gear you like for randoms then any quest gear would do.

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    If you find quest gear which is ilevel 346 and has the correct stats, feel free to loot it.
    If you have a better list than mine, feel free to post.
    Before you do that i suggest you first read up on theorycrafting sites about int, spirit and haste and what the manareg behind these stats is at level 85.
    It is MY BiS list which i created by my own experience on the beta and it will help people having an overview which items they need before raiding, where they can obtain them and it will help them organize their items to be raid ready asap.
    I will end this discussion with you here.

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    Thanks for the list, im sure it will be helpful for many people.
    Glory to the Alliance!

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    Thank you for the list. Much appriciated. =)

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    Tanks man, that will help a lot. Now I have to re-think my starting zone not to be Hyjal, gosh.

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    This list seems like a mix of an 'options' list and a 'BiS' list to me, though it doesn't really do a good job at either at this point.

    Harky, mind posting your list as well for comparison? (I'm sorry if you already did somewhere, the amount of stickies atm seems a bit out of control to follow)

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    Will read through comments and check when I get home .

    Will be edited, if needed, and stickied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callypso View Post

    Harky, mind posting your list as well for comparison? (I'm sorry if you already did somewhere, the amount of stickies atm seems a bit out of control to follow)
    Indeed, though it is always like this on the eve on an expansion. It will be tidy again by T12!

    Edit: Will require more time to create than expected. Just to explain.
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    I thought tier gear (3 pieces) was buyable with JP?

    EDIT: seems to be it's valor points. :]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Callypso View Post
    Harky, mind posting your list as well for comparison? (I'm sorry if you already did somewhere, the amount of stickies atm seems a bit out of control to follow)
    Just compare the items I referred to in the first reply to this post. It's mostly just taking higher priority stats over lower priority stats. Crit in particular.

    Here are the switches:

    Helm: Mask of New Snow
    Legs: Leggings of Charity
    Waist: Belt of the Falling Rain
    Back: Solar Wind Cloak
    Ring 2: Kibble
    Trinket 2: Witching Hourglass

    The cloak, helm, trinket and legs are the most obvious of the upgrades. Some of the others are better due to gems, socket bonuses, etc.

    Difference between the OP's 'set':

    Helm: 5 Spirit / 176 Mastery -> 30 Int / 162 Haste (more regen + throughput)
    Legs: 167 Crit -> 20 Int / 16 Spirit / 127 Haste (more regen + throughput)
    Waist: 130 haste -> 140 Mastery (more stats)
    Back: 8 Spirit / 98 Crit -> 112 Haste (insignificant regen loss + large throughput gain)
    Ring 2: 112 Crit -> 8 Spirit / 98 Mastery (insignificant regen gain + large throughput gain)
    Trinket 2: 285 Spirit -> 285 Int (more regen + much more throughput)

    Net change: 274 Spirit / 377 Crit -> 335 Int / 62 Mastery / 271 Haste

    So the change offers a bit more regen (335 Int = ~550 Spirit) and a massive upgrade in throughput. The only 'sidegrade' on the list is the Waist. If you can get to a meaningful point of Haste with the belt it's most likely better.

    Not trying to be disruptive though, I'm only posting again because asked. The OP doesn't want a stat discussion and I don't really care about this type of list as by the time it would take to farm it I'll already be raiding.

    If you were to take the Waist sidegrade and trinket swap off the list because you think haste is substantially better than Mastery and think Spirit is worthwhile over Int the change becomes this: 377 Crit / 78 Mastery -> 50 Int / 11 Spirit / 401 Haste. I would highly recommend doing some research on regen before making this type of decision though.
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    harky could you post your source of this math? (335 Int = ~550 Spirit)
    My latest info is that replenishment got nerfed to 1% max mana/10sek. (Which is only the half of the amount it provided before)
    The Shadowfiend got nerfed too to 3% max mana/hit from 5%.
    Hymn of Hope got its mana regen cut from 3 percent per 3 seconds to 2 percent per 3 seconds.

    This leads to a huge nerf to intellect when it comes to regen.
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    You can check EJ, or the regen sticky. When Int and Spirit are close statistically 1 Int is worth ~1.7 Spirit. In the worst case scenario 1 Int is worth 1 Spirit. The spirit regen formula was not changed and must be considered. The Int regen from Replenishment, Shadowfiend and Hymn is purely extra regen. Even if you consider Int and Spirit equal then you can see the edit at the bottom of my previous post. Without the trinket swap the gear swaps I posted result in more Int and more Spirit. The back is the only slot that loses regen, but the switch of Crit to Haste makes this more than worthwhile.

    Just looked and not sure how I missed it before, but Quicksilver Amulet is another straight upgrade. 112 Crit -> 8 Spirit / 98 Haste. Looks like the full set when properly enchanted and reforged has +4562 Int, +2125 Spirit, +656 Mastery (11.66), +1255 Haste (9.8%).
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    Thank you for your work Malic (and Harky ^^)

    Are there any epic craftable upgrades to these?

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    Might want to mention possible archaeology items, especially Tyrande's Favorite Doll.
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    This is an awesome post. Would be great if we could clean up the errors, seperate disc and holy, and get a new, more accurate thread stickied.

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    Nice list, ty for this! im still prolly gonna roll with the vendor set cause its so hot tho!!! Wicked Witch on em xD

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