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    The Scavenger

    Anyone have any good cords for this achievement, can't seem to find any good sites post cata.

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    I've gone through that. Was not informational

    bump for a real answer

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    Arguing with other internet users is just marginally more productive than counting the ants in your garden.
    If you make something idiot-proof, people will bring a better idiot.

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    From the wowhead link you said was not informative:

    Cataclysm/Shattering Update:
    No one has commented on where to find these "wreckages/pools" since 4.0.1 hit - at least not as a whole.
    So here is what I have gathered:

    Steam Pump Flotsam - Zangarmarsh (as always)
    Bloodsail Wrechage - Stranglethorn Vale
    Schooner Wreckage - Stranglethorn Vale (found both of these in the bay just south of Grom'Gol Base Camp between northern and southern STV)
    Floating Wreckage - East Coast of Tanaris
    Waterlogged Wreckage - Feralas at the Forgotten Coast (was lost at first looking for this in Alterac, STV - but didnt even spend a minute in Ferals until I found myself with the Achievement!)

    A part from the two Wreckages in STV it does not take long time to find them.
    Hope this helped, and that you're closer to "Salty Unknown"!
    And after that there is other posts stating the same spots. The whole comments section is people posting where they found them, how is that not informative?

    You do realize that they spawn on other fishing pool spots, so cords will not suffice in finding them? wowhead is easy to find 99% of the information to complete achievements, I tend to start at the last post and work my way back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomah View Post
    I've gone through that. Was not informational

    bump for a real answer
    That was a real answer. "Not Informational"? Really? were you hopeing it would put big glowing arrows on your ingame map, or were you just unable to find the Comment section on your own? I mean, come on, if you are too lazy to even read the comments, why on earth should we just hand you the answer on a silver platter?

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    The Scavenger - Bloodsail wreckage?

    Hey Im working on "The Scavenger" achievement and I'm stuck on the bloodsail wreckage part and can't find it. I have seen numerous people claim (and confirm) that the pool should be on the wild shore on the souther tip of stranglethorn, but not only am I not finding the Bloodsail Wreckage, I'm not finding any pools whatsoever. If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd appreciate it. Also, I've searched up and down both shores of stranglethorn without seeing a single pool. (I have the minimap search for fishing turned on)

    Edit: I have checked once every couple of hours, about 5 times so far and still no spawn. On top of this, I have never in this time come across competition.
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    DUDE you are really unlucky....
    There's bloodsail wrecks at the shore of blasted lands.
    If you find a pool of something else, fish it up. The respawn of a pool is 20 minutes. So basically keep fishing and take the shore up and down.

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    Necro-post, but update with information that as of Patch 5.1 the Bloodsail Wreckage pool has been removed from the game without it's corresponding part of The Scavenger being removed. I opened a ticket and am waiting for a response. Will update post with results.

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