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    Preist Rota, Gems, Stats Ect

    Hey Im currently leveling a priest and so far i love it im thinking of gearing it and playing with it a bit when i get it to 85, but to be perfectly honest i aint got the first clue what im gonna need gear wise and gems and enchants and such

    so yeah my question is, At 85, what stats am i looking for and what rotation should i be using??

    I run Disc / Shadow so yeah the rota is for shadow and gems stats and enchants is for both specs

    Thanks in advance for any replies but keep it constructive and useful plx


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    Well..... www.shadowpriest.com is your best friend

    Other than that Intellect will always be your best stat, so try to gem/enchant after intellect.
    If you want to go shadow you should reach after as much haste as you possible can, the reason is because your dots get more ticks
    Be hit capped is also important, but remember as shadow you get hit from spirit (Healers hate me for this :P)
    So in short words: reforge everything to haste, but try to stay hit capped. Gem and enchant after intellect, if there is not a gem/enchant that gives you intellect on that piece go haste

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haedess View Post
    Well..... www.shadowpriest.com is your best friend
    Thanks that will be handy

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    How about the READ BEFORE POSTING sticky?

    If you'd, perhaps, have Read Before Posting, you could have, by chance, found PvE Shadow Guide by Newnoise.

    Thread closed.
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