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    Raid DPS and Shadow Raid Dummy Question

    Hello i was wondering what kind of dps do you guys get on the raid dummy i usually do about 13k but i feel with my gear thats really low and i am doing something wrong. In a raid i do about 17k - 18k but i feel like i should be doing much more here is a WOL of our encounter of Heroic Maloriak


    This is my gear

    i am usually a healer but i have to be shadow on some fights and i am trying my best to be better

    My rotation is pretty much dots up mind flay until a orb mind blast then use AA when i have all 5 up use Shadowfiend when its all cooldown and keep dots up the whole time and dot them right before they drop off and pretty much repeat

    If i am doing anything wrong i would love some advice

    Thank you for your time


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    dummy = self buffed
    raid = raid buffed and target dbuffs
    the forums here or on ej will provide a more detailed explanation of rotations and priorities
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    Yeah, same happens to me. I do 12-13k on dummy and 17-19k on raids(10 man)...
    My gear is pretty much like yours, with the exception of Volcano

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    Hmm, ye, on this paticular fight at least you should dot the adds instead of using mind sear. VT and SW:P them all. Looking at atramedes, your dots uptime needs to be better, as well as mind flay uptime, but hard to judge, maybe you are just overly cautious there.

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    http://worldoflogs.com/reports/yylx5...?s=8393&e=8946 Your kill.

    http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-su...?s=6395&e=6953 My kill (a few days ago).

    Vampiric Touch - (458 + 115) ticks compared to (110 + 39) VT ticks. Well VT is our most powerful spell, having VT up on everything while keeping Dark evangelism and Empowered shadows up would be the ultimate goal.

    Shadow word: Pain - (287 + 81) ticks compared to (129 + 43). Sw: p is crucial to always have a few running, to always have shadow orbs avialable.

    Dark evangelism - 61.6 % uptime compared to 96.2 % uptime.

    Empowered Shadow - 46.9 % uptime compared to 83.6 % uptime.

    Even Devouring plague ticks are flawed. (129 + 33) compared to (173 + 42).

    As you can see you are doing something horribly wrong.

    Mind sear is great after the patch, but it is dog shit if you can't keep up Dark evangelism and Empowered shadows up (yes Mind sear scales with these buffs). As you can see on the log apparently I did something right since I got a high rank on WoL (even though we stopped DPS before 2nd green phase), and I did only use mind sear on that fight during green phase, and when in the dark phase when I had:
    1) VTs running
    2) SW:Ps running for orbs
    3) Good duration of DA and ES left
    4) Stable mana.

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    what add ons are u guys using

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    I raid with tukUI with some changes and extra addons made for it.
    Important is a good DoT-/Bufftracker which shows you your orbs, your ES, the duration of your DoTs and possible procs (DMC: Volcano).

    Your biggest problem seems to be your DoT-uptime. You have 60% (VT), 70% (DP) and 66% (SW: P). These numbers should be over 90% for the maximum dps in this particular fight. In other fights without much AoE they should be over 95%.

    Good trackers are ForteXorcist (with a cooldowntimer aswell), NeedToKnow, Classtimer, ShadowTimers or you could even use Power Auras.
    I for myself use the tukUI Classtimer and the DoT-icons on the bossframes (it's a tukUI feature )

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    Well while we're at this....why is my dps(e) so low compared to dps? Not sure I completely understand the difference. I'm also clearly doing something wrong, I'm sure. Funky I'd love to know what addons you use...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pontificate View Post
    Well while we're at this....why is my dps(e) so low compared to dps? Not sure I completely understand the difference. I'm also clearly doing something wrong, I'm sure. [...]

    You linked a full log. To see the important part of it, look at the bosskills or -trys. The dpse is damage divided through time. In this case the time is the complete raid including breaks to eat/drink, trash and the way back to the boss after a wipe.
    If you only look at the fights the time is the duration of the fight thus your dpse is higher.

    Some quotes to make it clearer:

    No, the DPS(e) column is the total damage done divided by the total fight time. The DPS column may get lower depending on if there are DOTs ticking but the DPS(e) column should actually slightly increase since you will do more total damage.
    I think I got DPS(e) and DPS confused last night when I posted this. So DPS(e) = damage/ total duration, while DPS = damage/active time.

    If you want to improve yourself, you should work on your DoT-uptimes. I cannot compare the hardmodes because I haven't done them yet. But a VT-uptime of 86% on Atramedes is way to low. In my most recent post, I am on 97,8%.
    Same with DP but other numbers.

    I hope this helps you.

    EDIT: Change your chest enchant to +20stats. It is way better then +40 spirit.
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    Will do on the chest, maels are easy now whoops.

    Thanks for the info!
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    The big problem I'm seeing is low DoT uptimes, as well as low uptimes on dark evan and emp shadow. I'd recommend sitting on a target dummy, aim for 90%++ uptimes on everything. Once you can consistently keep 90% uptimes, then increasing your dps is as simple as tweaking stats/gear etc.

    Don't worry if your raid dummy dps is low, we scale with raid buffs. As long as your uptimes are 95% or so your raid damage will be great.

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