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    [Bio] Nehlya Dawnsworn.

    Name: Nehlya Dawnsworn.

    Race: High Elf .

    Class: Spell Breaker (Warrior/Mage).

    Age: In her early hundreds, approximately 120 years old.

    Birthplace: Silvermoon City, Eversong Woods.

    Alignment: Lawful Good.

    Affiliation: Silvermoon City (Formerly.), The Alliance, The High Elven Remnants, The Silver Covenant, Kirin Tor.

    Relatives: All are presumed dead, aside from her older brother, Valeth. He is a Blood Elf allied with the Horde, and living in Silvermoon City.

    Strengths: A skilled weapons master and spell weaver in contrast to her rather young age, and she does not settle short of perfection. Such can be seen as a weakness though, as she'll strive to be victorious, no matter what.

    Weaknesses: She is haunted by her neglect of her family following the Fall of Quel'thalas. She longs for their return, and cannot accept their deaths. She can be reckless at times, and does not take defeat lightly.

    Current Location: Dalaran, Crystalsong Forest.

    Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/KB9Xp.jpg

    Personality: Her fighting style is calculated and swift, for she yearns perfection. She can skillfully defeat even the most proficient spell casters. However, she still retains her gentle and generous nature when meeting with friends or allies.

    One - Siblings.

    "I was but a child, in those days. The future was of no interest to me.".


    "'Your father attends at the convocation.', spoke my mother. Father was but one of the nobles in Anasterian's court. As a result, my upbringing was secure as my family's wealth kept us within the higher class of the city. I was but one of two children. The other was my older brother, Valeth. We both were practical children, and when we were younger, we used to spar multiple times throughout the day. Yet, his heart was not fully in it. Soon, he left to train in Dalaran with the mages of the Kirin Tor, about the arcane arts. Yet, I could not let him venture out alone. I travelled with him.".

    Two - Learning.

    "I took pride within my education. But, can someone value their learning too highly?".


    "Valeth ventured off into his arcane and flame teachings, yet I still had a bond with the art of melee combat. So, during my stay in the capital of the Kirin Tor, I trained in the ways of the Arcane. My melee skills were still tested in a regular basis, as for fear of losing what I had gained a passion for. Yet, upon one fateful day, I had learnt of something remarkable being taught within a sect of the High Elves of the city. They were seeimingly warriors, but their skills had ventured further into a magical field. They called themselves the Spell Breakers.".

    Three - Destruction.

    "I too felt sorrow for Quel'thalas, but I feel as if my choices were justified.".


    "'I know that our home is in ruins, but you do not require me at your side, brother.', I bit back at Valeth's mutterings. I too knew of the attack on my home, but my training remained incomplete. Many High Elves had chosen to stay within the secure walls of Dalaran, instead of risking death within the ruins of their former home. I watched as my older brother insistently left, aside prince Kael'thas. I could not let any pain or sorrow interrupt my studies. I for one, held them in somewhat importance.".

    Four - Devastation.

    "The city's walls crumbled, yet so freely at the demon lord's whim. Archimonde killed many, that day.".


    "Many died as the city fell to the Demons and Scourge, including the great Antonidas. I wept for the losses, yet I had to remain strong for my own survival. I was one of the lucky ones. I survived for long enough against the stray undead of Lordaeron, yet eventually I arrived at Ambermill. The denizens were hospitable enough. After all, it was a well known Kirin Tor settlement outside of Dalaran, and I wasn't the only refugee. About a dozen of us survived the onslaught. However, it did not sate how much I missed the capital. I remained there for months, until a call had rung about the surviving members of the Kirin Tor ordering the city's reconstruction. Such news filled me with heartfelt joy.".

    Five - Reclaimation.

    "We ventured forth into the ruins of Dalaran. We executed all signs of visible vermin.".


    "It was disgusting. Undeath plagued our former magnificent city. We not only fought the Scourge that had remained from the initial invasion, but also those of the Kirin Tor that had turned. Archmage Runeweaver led us forth in our assault against these savages, and we were ultimately successful. Yet, our first actions were to protect that which we had retaken. And thusly, we erected a violet shield to guard the ruins, and any who dared touch it would endure a painful death. So began the reconstruction, following this.".

    Six - Teleportation.

    "The ground shook, as the city itself shifted. Mere moments later, we floated above the Crystalsong Forest.".


    "I felt as if a burden had been lifted off of my shoulders, but as if something else was draining me from an alternate source. The source had been found, and the Nexus War had begun. We had detected that Malygos, the Spell Weaver, was redirecting Azeroth's ley lines to Coldarra. Following this, he claimed that our reckless use of magic was going to end the world. His resolve was to wage war upon us. The Kirin Tor were not going to sit idly by. With all of the city's mages working in unison, the city was teleported to Northrend. Here, we were to stage our offensive, aside the Red Dragonflight. The Life Binder could not let her brother eradicate so many of the living.".

    Seven - Invigoration.

    "Limitless, pure, unfaltering power. It's as if the restrictions of our power had been lifted. Infact, they had.".


    "Malygos fell at our whim. Many felt sorrow. The most impacted by this were the Dragonflights, but such action had to be taken. If not, the magic accumulated by Malygos could have ended Azeroth. We then turned our gaze and our restored power to the next threat that had to be faced: the Lich King. The tyrant had killed endless numbers, razed the old Dalaran, and had led the destruction of my true home. Quel'thalas was bathed in plague and undeath because of this bastard prince. I had heard stories of a scar, that penetrated through the center of our glorious land. He caused such an atrocity, and had to face justice. I joined the assault, further putting the use of my powers to end such misery.".

    Eight - Fulfillment.

    "Death had seen itself. Triumph against the Lich King and his minions had been achieved. Yet, alternate threats had surfaced.".


    "The monument that had been built in Runeweaver Square was rather glorious. Such stood as a testament to our unity, and triumph over darkness. I remember those cursed halls still. What I fear most, is that I may have seen my brother during the assault. I do not know what had happened to him, but was that really him? It will be unknown to me. It has been months since. The Nightmare War had also given us victory, but further devastation had arrived. The shattering of Azeroth had occured, and the Aspect of Death brought terror throughout the world with it. I believe that it is time for me to venture forth, back to Azeroth, to help in whatever way is possible.".
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