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    [Bio] Areto

    [WIP for now]

    Day 1..

    Hasn't been long before I regained my mind, and became aware of the circumstances. It was hard to tame and control this vicious, new spirit within me, but I had managed to pull through. Unfortunately, my sister had not. She still lives as I write down my thoughts, just so I can have a bit of hope to cling onto, a bit of sanity to think optimistic. I know she's still there, I know she is not the beast Lord Godfrey accuses all those who weren't strong enough to pull through, but I'm hopeful. Areto will pull through. She has to..

    As for Gilneas.. After the worgens, we now have a new threat. Threat I have heard mere rumours before the curse, but now I see that they are real. The undead. Scourge with their own free will, as I was told, and witnessed their wit. They were no mindless, blood lusting drones. They were calculating everything, oozing from every possible weakness like poison within our already torn apart lands. I fear we will soon loose are stance, but I don't wish to voice my thoughts. I dare not.

    For the time being, my only concern is my sister. My stubborn little sister. My only hope is that the dose of whatever they had used on me works with her too. I can only hope..

    Day 2..

    She still doesn't respond to the treatment. I've heard Lord Godfrey wanted to put down those who didn't responded to the treatment. I'm not about to let that happen, not while I'm alive. I've insisted on continuing, though was told if the dose was any higher, it would kill her anyway. But they proceeded after I begged them for hours. I wasn't allowed to see the process, however, but reported daily on how she responded. I doubt these methods are humane.

    I can still hear her pain filled howls. Oh how I hope she'd just.. snap out of that feral mind!

    Day 3..

    Nothing is helping. I finally snapped and entered the treatment process.. I.. I dare not speak of what I have seen, I can't even make myself write about them without my insides churning, turning ill. And that is how I gave in. My sister.. she was lost. Not dead, but her mind was slumbering quite deeply under the thick shield of the feral mind. I was ordered to take her life myself for all the trouble I had caused. I couldn't get myself around doing it, instead I placed her inside a cage. After this entry I will take her outside of the Gilnean walls and release her to the wild.

    How can one even kill their own blood? I look into her now golden eyes, glowing like like a candle's flames through her dark fur, and briefly I see the glimpse of calm behind all the rage. Or I think I do, perhaps I'm kidding myself. I remember the days when she was but a young girl. She was never a very lady-like, and used to play around with the young boys, and even my own friends. I used to envy her ability to fit in with my "territory", so to speak. Our parents never approved of her playing games with boys instead of attending small tea parties like all of her age did, may their souls rest in peace. Her mischievous nature, her stubborn self.. I had grown used to such a personality, and we soon evolved a decent friendship, like all brothers and sisters. And now I am ordered to kill her like.. like a horse with a broken leg?

    I can't. I will not. I know if she could think with her own mind, she'd wish for freedom. And freedom is what I will give her. As a brother, I will protect her.


    Areto closed the tattered journal and placed it inside the small pouch she had attached to her belt, making sure it would fall out. Her bi-coloured eyes trailed towards the sea of Darkshore as she sat upon the ruins of a Kal'dorei structure. All that she had left as a memory of her own brother, Arkan, was that small, tattered journal. She had snuck back inside Gilneas to find his journal in one of the evacuated buildings, and nothing more, then hid in a boat and sailed towards the Night Elven lands. Her claws briefly caressed the marking over her lilac coloured eye, a soft growl escaped her clenched jaws.

    She had failed her brother. She couldn't prevail like he had hoped. But she was not about to let his death go unnoticed.

    Areto crawled up onto all fours, and dashed through the Ruins of Mathystra, and made her way down, through the forest filled with furbolgs and owlkins. She had learned a sufficient amount of the druidic skills, and now it was time for revenge.


    Name: Areto
    Age: 25
    Race: Worgen
    Gender: Female
    Languages: Common, Darnassian
    Class: Druid
    Faction: N/A
    Areto, prior to the curse, was a stubborn, tomboyish and a bit of a daredevil in nature. This personality semi survived post-worgen curse, as she is still stubborn and not very lady-like. Her nature now is more wolfish rather than a human, though she is not by any means a savagekin. Her calm is utterly peaceful, and her rage is vicious. She has become merciless, especially towards the forsaken, and is a bit of a lone-wolf.
    Being a bit of a loner, she enjoys the solitude of nature. She loves watching the rain, and being in touch with nature. She dislikes any sort of technology that defiles nature and detests any corruption that is inflicted upon the wildlife.
    Areto is tall as a human, and is quite tall as a female worgen. Her built is muscular and strong, with large shoulders and a pear shaped body. Her legs are long and powerful, her coat is black and dark blueish, with tufts of greyish blue. Her left eye is lilac coloured with a white marking over it, her right eye is a golden and wolf-like. Her hair is dark blue, long and straight. Her "elusive" human self is dark skinned with long, jet black hair, carrying the same coloured eyes and the white marking. Her body has various scars around the arms and shoulders, but nothing more than that.
    Areto has every strength of a druid possesses: Ability to shapeshift. She has mastered all of the abilities that of a feral druid, which has made her weak with magic. Often her anger gets the best of her as she acts without thinking. She's swift, strong and with great stamina, but is reckless and acts upon rage, which is her downfall.
    After Gilneas was under attack by worgens, Areto and her brother, Arkan, were infected with the worgen curse. Though Arkan prevailed to be strong in mind and heart by managing to regain his conscience, Areto could not. Arkan took on the name Grimscar, and wished to study magic before he realized her sister was to be put down. Insisting for the Gilneans to continue the treatments, Arkan wanted to make sure his little sister made through the same way he had. The treatments and methods grew more obscene and inhumane, to a point where Arkan had to interfere and oblige to the wish of Lord Godfrey. Instead of killing his sister, however, he placed her inside a cage and concealed it so he could take her out of the city without anyone seeing what was inside the cage. By this time, the Forsaken had begun their siege upon Gilneas.

    During the night, Arkan made his way out towards the borders of Gilneas, where he was attacked by a group of Forsaken assassins, lead by a Dark Ranger. Arkan managed to unlock Areto's cage and begged her to runaway while he dealt with the assassins. By the time Areto made it out of the cage, Arkan had fallen, slain by the Dark Ranger while he was distracted, trying to keep the assassins away from Areto. As Arkan fell, the Dark Ranger picked up the arrow she had used to kill him and aimed at Areto who was now snarling like a beast towards her and let the arrow loose from the bow. Areto had dodged to the side, but the arrow had scraped the side of her left eye. At that moment, Areto's conscience awoke. Her left eye turned a bright lilac and a marking appeared over her eye, and as she realized she had lost her brother, she let loose a pain-stricken howl and attacked the Dark Ranger who had slain her brother. The ranger managed to escape, leaving Areto with her brother's corpse in her arms.

    She had failed her brother..

    After that, Areto snuck back into Gilneas even though she knew she was not welcome, and scavanged through the city for information and updates, finding her brother's tattered journal. She made through the city and noticed there were foreign ships docked. Night Elven ships, she had learned later on. Sneaking inside one of the ships, she sailed towards Kalimdor where she sought refuge amongst the night elven kind, where she began learning druidism and ways of the Kal'dorei.

    Now she roams the forests of Kalimdor, mainly Ashenvale and Darkshore, rarely going to Darnassus and interacting with the Elven inhabitants of the land, aiding them from time to time whenever it's needed.

    (Recolour of the model is done by Elyaan. Thank you Elyaan! ^^)

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    Wow I love the journal from her brother. Great bio.

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    Thanks Nonfic! I'm still trying to work around the timeline, so there may be changes. x)

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