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    H<Stuck on Uldaman> 9/13 H 10m (9-12 hrs/wk) DPS/Heals

    Current potential recruiting vacancies:
    1 Ranged DPS (In a perfect world, a Shadow Priest, but any solid app will do.)
    1 Rogue
    1 Healer (Disc/Holy Priest would be ideal, but not mandatory.)

    <Stuck on Uldaman>
    Uldaman EST PVE
    Raid Times T - TH 9:00 - 12:00, M 9:00-12:00 (Mondays optional)

    <Stuck on Uldaman> is a recently formed 10 man and PvP guild. The guild was started by a group of in-game friends who were all hard core raiders. Our PvP wing includes exceptional players and multi-time Glads. We are working to create a less frustrating and low drama raid environment. We no longer have the time or desire to raid 30 hrs a week. We are seeking like minded and experienced players.

    The intent was to create a guild that could progress in 10 man content without being crazy hard core. Additionally, we will not carry bad players. With three raid nights a week it is simply not possible. Simply put, we want to clear content and do it in a reasonable amount of time.

    In raiding progression terms, we are 9/13. We kill content on our own time schedule but everything will die in hard mode. Various members killed all vanilla, BC and Wrath content while it was current.

    Application by vent interview or, if you prefer, written application at Speak to Bose , Nemhain, Jojothewhale, or Felst in-game with any questions or for an interview. Feel free to ask anyone in guild for an Officer if none of us are on our mains.

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    Al'Akir, Nef, Asc. Council, and Sinestra left.

    Good progress on Nef last night and closing in on a kill - get in on the good times!

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    We have good times? I thought we just yelled at Music for 3 hours a night.

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    One day I won't have to bump threads anymore. I long for that day.

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    still looking

    bump bump bump

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    Could definitely still use a priest, and possibly another ranged or rogue.

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    Still seeking a priest!

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    Still looking for a Priest and Rogue.

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    Still looking for a Priest and Rogue.

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    bump looking for healer, rogue, and range

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    still looking

    seeking healer range dps and rogue

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    bump looking for healer, rogue, and range

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    looking for healer, rogue, and range

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    My kingdom for a Priest (or the other things).

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    What in the world are jazzy toes?

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