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    Wink ***US39 13/13 HM25 EST Recruiting warlock, Holy Pally, DPS DK, Enh Shaman!***
    Current Progression: 13/13H

    We are a twenty-five man raiding guild. With little exceptions, we raid twenty-five man content and nothing else.

    Currently Recruiting:

    OPEN recruiting for DPS (especially: warlock, retribution pally, enhancement shaman, shadow priest, dps warrior or dps DK)
    Holy Paladin
    Tank - prefer warrior

    <Integrity>, on the US PvE server, Stormrage, was formed in January of 2008, and has since become one of the strongest progression guilds on the server, with an excellent server reputation and a friendly guild atmosphere. We're a small guild (35 or so active raiders) of mature (all 21+, mostly 24-33), respectful, fun individuals who value Integrity for kick ass raiding and for the great people who fill our ranks. We're looking for long-term members - people who love this game and are always in the business of maximizing their character and learning how to beat the game every time new content is released. We're all about progression raiding (achievement focused, ended WotLK highly ranked, US20ish), but our members enjoy running 10 mans (on alts) and Rated Battlegrounds on off-nights

    ► DETAILS ◄

    <Integrity> uses a modified point-based DKP system that rewards attendance and discourages point hoarding. Items cost a percentage of your DKP rather than a fixed amount and your total will never drop below 0. You will never find yourself digging out of a deep DKP hole in our system.

    All raid consumables are provided for each member by the guild bank. This includes flasks, food, resist pots and enchanting materials. Donations by members to the guild bank are encouraged and rewarded (via reduced DKP decay), but not required. We know the commitment to raiding can be very time intensive and we try to reduce the farming costs so members can enjoy other aspects of the game or real life! While we do not have a set attendance policy, we do not consider applicants who have regular conflicts on our raid nights, but we do understand that things come up from time to time. Raids are relaxed and often entertaining, but we go from laughing to professional the moment it's needed. We're not out to waste anyone's time, so we raid to take down content as efficiently as possible.

    We have low player turnover (10 on the roster at the end of Wrath of the Lich King from Sunwell days!), attributed to our professionalism and stability. We have a good culture of respect and camaraderie, which helps maintain an enjoyable atmosphere to raid, hang out, play alts etc. We're not looking for people who have no room to grow as players; we are looking for team players and good guildies - as a top US 100 guild we do not have to settle for amazing players who are totally rotten people, but we will also not take wonderful people who are unable to hold their own in our raids. If you are looking for a professional, fun, active and hardcore raiding experience, check us out. Our raid achievements speak volumes, as does the humor and conversation you'll find on our guild forums!

    ► RAID TIMES ◄

    During progression content these are our scheduled raids. After content is put on farm, our raid week can be as quick as one night.

    Tuesday: 7-11:30 EST
    Thursday: 7-11:30 EST
    Sunday: 7-11:30 EST
    Monday: 7-11:30 EST


    *Integrity is currently ranked US46 in 25 man content*
    Integrity ended WotLK at US 100 (wowprogress).

    Heroic: Ascendant Council: May 2, 2011 US 57
    Sinestra: April 19, 2011 US 46
    Heroic: Cho'gall: April 5, 2011 US 52
    Heroic: Nefarion 25: March 20, 2011 US 68
    Heroic: Valiona and Theralion 25: March 3, 2011 US 62
    Heroic: Omnotron 25: February 22, 2011 US 78
    Heroic: Atramedes 25: February 14, 2011 US 86
    Heroic: Magmaw 25: February 13, 2011 US 60
    Heroic: Maloriak 25: January 31, 2011 US 69
    Heroic: Chimaeron 25: January 24, 2011 US 92
    Heroic: Conclave of Wind 25: January 20, 2011 US 67
    Heroic: Halfus Wyrmbreaker 25: January 6, 2011 US 84
    Heroic: Lich King 25: July 29, 2010 US 109
    Heroic: Halion 25: August 3, 2010 US 82
    Glory of the Icecrown Raider: April 14 2010 US 28
    Tribute to Insanity (with "Grand Crusader"): November 24, 2009 US 100
    Glory of the Ulduar Raider: August 4 2009 US 107
    Algalon: September 14, 2009
    Alone in the Darkness: December 15, 2009 US 166
    Glory of the Raider: February 5, 2009 Top US 50
    The Immortal: January 29, 2009 Top US 50
    Kil'Jaeden: September 14, 2008 Top US 100
    M'uru: June 27, 2008 Top US 100
    Illidan: March 13 2008 (shortly after reform)

    ► APPLYING ◄

    We encourage any exceptional applicant who thinks they are a good fit for us to apply, even if we are not recruiting your class at the moment. For specific contacts, please find Heliaster, Falconidae, Sycadderly, Ptooey, Ebaytoon or Paperplate on Stormrage.

    Our application (and additional information) can be found @
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    back to the top of the list! Hoping to see some great apps come in soon.

    you know you want to work on HM 25 man Alfonso'akir!

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    Al'akir makes the baby RNGesus cry

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    back to the top for farm night

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    back to the top. Cleared out everything super fast, including a rekill of HM:AC!

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    none of this second page stuff

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    why hello there....where are the spreist apps?

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    Nothing like a 2 shot Nef, a 3 shot Chogall and a 3 shot Sinestra!!

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    up to the top of the list

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    back to the top of the page

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    pre raid bump!!! could be 13/13 tonight!

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