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    Looking for gear opinions (SPriest)

    I am a casual raiding SPriest (normal modes, maybe 1-2 HC soon, but i doubt it) and currently my gear is mostly BiS (for normal that is) or a close number 2.
    The problem is that I am sitting on a rather low hit (15.18%) AFTER reforging all the crit/mastery to spirit and I really dont want to reforge out of haste (I am a haste whore, sue me). Now I dont really have a problem with my hit rate, but it would be nice to be around 16% to have more peace of mind so I am wondering if there are any items I should try and switch with other normal raid drops?

    armory - eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ahnqiraj/pacisica/simple


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    There is A LOT of items you could replace with hit/haste or spi/haste variants.
    Tier shoulders
    Twins cloak
    atramedes bracers
    chimaeron gloves
    random stat belt from conclave
    rep boots from ramkahen or valor point boots
    random stat ring from conclave
    weapon from magmaw, then reforge the mastery into spirit.

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