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    Disc priest trinket mana bug?

    Recently, I've had mana problems since 4.1 release. I'm noticing I'm near OOM when I'm usually not in raids. Unfortunately, I haven't been paying attention, but am wondering if this problem with trinkets extends beyond the Mandala of Stirring Patterns (see link or I've cut and pasted text from other forum).

    Currently, in my Disc spec I use Core of Ripeness and Fall of Mortality.

    Anyone have any information if FoM procs are buggy too? Or CoR trinket use?


    From this another page http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/1...-30-mana-drain

    "Hi Blizzard & and fellow wow players.

    I've searched for a place to report bugs, but apparently only the US forum have one, so this will have to go for now. - sorry for the lousy English - If I failposted this - I hope this report goes to the right place if I have made a boo boo by posting it here.

    The last few nights I've been experiencing some trouble with my Mana, and I couldn't figure out what happend, until I noticed a connection between me casting Power Word: Shield (ID:17) and having my "Mandala of Stirring Patterns" http://www.wowhead.com/item=62467 proc.

    The Result is an Animation that the Trinket procs, and a loss of ~30% of my mana, (that's one expensive spell) I'm Disc Spec'ed (se spec in profile to the left) so at a mana pool around 110.000 losing that much mana on the pull is rather devastating.

    It also does this doing combat, which is even worse.

    This is not just a "once" -experience, and I can replicate it all the time so I made a "Proof of bug" on a YouTube Vid which hopefully shows the problem.

    (Sorry for the chunkiness of the video, I think I time stretched it a bit on a move, and I forgot to restore it)

    You'll see on the "proc" screen that mana drops to around 65% (From around 92% mana)
    Normally when I cast Shield it drops only around ~5% of mana, which makes me drop from 95% to 91% mana

    I hope this is enough documentation to get it shown, if a GM want's to have a demonstration I can show him ingame, I should be able to replicate it right away. (It could be something else than the trinket that procs it could be something else which I'm unaware of, but I just see the Trinket Animation when this happens)

    Best Regard

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    That isn't a bug. The proc increases their maximum mana, so their percentage of total mana will go down when they get it. If they checked their total mana amount, and not their percentage of total mana, they will see it's not a bug.

    Say they had 90,000 mana. They cast the spell and their mana goes down to 85,000 mana.
    Now, they cast the spell and Mandala procs. Their total mana goes up to like 120,000, but their spell still makes their mana go down from 90,000 to 85,000. However, their mana now shows as 85,000/120,000, so the percentage is much lower.

    (made up the numbers to help explain)
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    There is little information about you. You don't have a link to your armory and you don't tell us your play-style so there's little room to offer helpful information. You say that you haven't been paying attention so I would recommend reading over the 4.1 patch notes found here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/patch-notes/4-1-0

    I haven't heard of any problems with FoM or CoR but I would recommend doing a little testing in game for yourself since I do not own either of those trinkets.
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