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    Easiest PVP battlegroup?

    I noticed huge differences between battlegroups. In one i struggle in 1.8 ratings in another I have easy 2.5k.

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    RBG or arena and horde or alliance?

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    Small bg's got less teams, and less amount of good players. But some bgs might have a lot of countercomps for your team to at a certain rating etc as well that would make a difference to.

    I think they have merged arena ques now though, i havn't played much since 4.1 so don't take my word for it.

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    I've been playing several chars on eu rampage/blackout/cataclysm, and i've been playing on eu-hinterhalt (which was called eu-nemesis beforehand), and what I found out was that there are less people at very high rating on huge/good bgs that do not 'deserve' their rating, while there are a lot of people that are simply bad but playing fairly/really high, thanks to their class/comp mainly, on bad/poorly populated BG.

    Although it's pretty equal since on poorly populated BGS, you will chain queue into the same team 4-5 time, and generally means that if you counter them (for instance win 4 or 5 games out of 4/5) they will probably stop queuing, and you will queue into 2k2-2k3 people, that are not worth it. While on bigger BGS, you actually get the chance to face multiple teams that have a mmr which is often close to yours.

    There also are many people that xferr to "bad" bgs right before the end of the season, to give a shot to "easy" rank one. Many of these guys actually fail really hard and xferr again though.

    TL;DR : yeah poorly/moderately populated bgs (hinterhalt, charge, vengeance, frenzy, emberstorm, reckoning) generally are "easier" to get rank one on, but these bgs tend to get a lot better at the end of the season (because of all these people xferring there for glad/r1).

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    any opinions on where retaliation is rated on a scale of easy to hard?

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