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    Let me just add this. There is absolutely NO add-on required for mouse-over healing (and its certainly much more efficient than: click target, click hot key)

    1. Go to interface options and make sure raid frames are also enabled in a party.
    2. Move the frame to an appropriate position.
    3. Create mouse-over macros and use them like a baws.

    No heal bot, no grid, no qq.
    "Sir, we are surrounded, Sir"
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    Just ran a ZA last night with some stam-stacking wrath superstar paladin proudly sporting his defender of a shattered world title and it was a giant cluster F. This guy said maybe two words, didn't mark targets, and didn't cc (oh, and not to mention didn't attack scouts so we always got reinforcements).....and not surprisingly got absolutely wrecked on trash like he was wearing paper bag armor. Bosses were fine, but we wiped about 5-6 times on trash.

    Granted I'm in average gear and dps was average, but c'mon know the other people in your pug. CC the friggin' trash. I'm convinced that was part of your issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultima View Post
    Oath, I only read the first page but I have a couple of ideas on what the issue may be.

    4.1 broke add-ons. Did you update them? You might be using Clique and it might not be casting any spells.

    Is there any chance that you were not targeting the tank? We have all done it, spamming relentlessly and wondering why the player dies "Oh, had myself targeted lol!".

    Could the tank be standing in the bad stuff? For example, the (first) snake boss in ZG with the cone breath which should be side-stepped. When I first healed and first tanked it, I just thought "Jesus Christ, that's a challenge! ROCK THE FUCK ON." On my second run on the tank, the healer could not keep me up and that is when I learned that he actually stays still while channelling.

    Interrupts? One group may have that Rogue who cares while another may have a full group of interrupts who don't and won't have it bound.

    Is Renew meant to be your top healing ability? I would imagine Heal would be, or Flash Heal in lower gear.

    [Posted in a rush, at Uni]
    Aye I should never have posted the first Recount graph its been a bad thread all the way through the post. It's just an example of the overall heals for that run and on most of the trash we did just fine and a few of the bosses I really did not have to heal the tank that hard.

    So unfortunately the graph shows false readings for the one boss fight I could not keep the tank up and he melted on me like a Plastic Cowboy under a magnifying glass in the Desert Sun at high Noon.

    I have come across an issue I was not aware of and one of the posters "Elyoric" has hit it, and I think I know what's going on now after talking to a few tanks in a few dungeons as well. His post is late at the end of the thread but makes it no less important

    Some tanks lean into Stamina and others into Mastery and depending on if it's trash or a boss pull in the new Cata dungeons the Tank looks like a Hero in one fight against trash and can literally melt on you on a boss pull. Depending on how they spec. This must be as hard on them or harder as they cant respect from Mastery back to Stamina inside a dungeon for each type of pull but it really looks like Blizzard might have to fix that thier side. Not really fair on the tanks now.

    Using the Correct chakra state to keep the tank up from what the guys post here is helping but now it's not just a case of priest fail its also the tank can fail just by spec issues.
    This is where you hear the tank say I have tanked to the end of Bastion of Twilight and killed Cho'Gall and yes he has but trash in Zul'Garub is going to feed on you like pop tarts in your raid spec build.

    There really is allot going on in these two new dungeons and I am going to put it down to Blizzard looking into class builds and using them as a LIVE RAT LAB for observation. The Freaking Balls on Blizzard.....

    There is no one real spec that is good for these dungeons and I have done a few things to smooth them out based on all the feedback I have received from this thread.

    I still refuse to use a third party plug-in to heal with as they come and go depending on who keeps them updated. I can write in game macros and have bound my Mass Dispel for BH to the mouse button under my right thumb and won that next BH one hands down first time back in. Of course this was after we found out about the mini patch 4.1.0A that fixed the target rings for casters... so that is why Mass dispel was suffering a little last week, and I did mention that prior to the update.

    I have also made a few macros so I can drop one chakra and jump into the other one in a blink of an eye. This is great when I hit a Tank that is in a spec that can take a pounding from a boss so I flip to chakra for group heals nice or if the tank has all the aggro and is dying to fast I flop over to the single target chakra and only need to keep him up and toss the random group heal or as I like to do yes keep Renew cooking on every member in party accept for myself, as I can heal myself if required.

    So the fights are still as challenge but I have ways now to deal with off spec tanks and weak groups all by firing a macro off here or there and since the chakra spells stay up all the time they are already in cooldown if I need to flip macro back and forth every few minutes or once a boss or trash pull.

    I was doing this manually in the past, however spotting the tank spec's as an issue I made macros to assist in this on the fly.

    I still cant throw 45K Greater heals out like some say they can and I am in all 359 gear so? The best one I have seen to date is 3560 something flashed past! Even in single target chakra on tank.

    Seems to be enough now at any rate to cope. It's far from working and I still think Blizz needs to throw the priest class a viable bone. If players cant feel confident in what they are doing with thier class, and many do thats's not a real issue but so many dont and dont raid and dont heal dungeons and that leaves thosuands of players without tanks and healers and a dead dungeon finder.

    Oh those perks are sucky fyi in the bags.

    Oh add-ons no after the 4.1.0 update half of mine simple things like lightwellprot and spamenot for trade channel and a few others like carbonite were out of date so I did not use them. In fact I keep a backup of wow on an external USB hard drive and when they do a huge patch I remove wow from the computer and clean the registry manualy, then copy the safe wow backup over and run it and let it update for 20 minutes to the new current version.

    This way I have a new WTF file and blizzard files in the addons folder. I only reinstaleld Deadly boss mods and Atlas Loot and Recount and a mail client that were all updated the next day or so third party. I also run the repair.exe file found int he Warcearft installation file from time to time so it can fix anything nerfy.

    Also I focus the tank so I am not spam healing myself and since I lv this toon in 5 man dungeons to lv 85 yes I know that can be a Pitfall however I am not normaly a victim of it, and or I am aware of it quickly enough to change targets.
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    It's actually healbot continued. NOT healbot. So search on curse for "healbot continued" and you will find it. I am a priest as well and have no problem healing anything and normally am on top of the healing charts around 11k to 13k hps and am 4/12 hard modes on a 2 day raiding schedule so not hardcore raiders but we know what we are doing. Since the patch with the buff to the holy word and always being in the shakra state now it has made my life a lot easier. And yes I use healbot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oathanvil View Post
    From what I could see he is a Palidan
    A "good" healer that can't tell what class the tank is?



    User was warned for this helpful post ~ Ultima
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oathanvil View Post
    I was just inside another Zul'Garub New CATA dungeon. I have completed both of these Heroic dungeons healing them as Holy Priest back on the 27th and 29th of April.

    Since then or more to the point my heals mean nothing in 5 man groups anymore?

    I am posting because I feel I need help!

    I have done just about everything I know how to do and I am at a loss.

    On this last run my Crit heals were hitting the tank for +30K and just vanishing into the void and the tank was dying. I had "Renew on him" I threw a Power word shield on him, and I have Group heals up and Lightwell not sure if he hit that or not.

    Anyhow he simply Vaporized on the firebird fight... I have healed groups through that many times now and the tanks gear was not the worst I have seen in the new CATA dungeons.

    Recount says the Melee are pulling good damage numbers overall?

    As a Priest I feel inadequate broken used up wasted useless and just sucking lint at this point......what has Blizzard done to this class? Or have they just nerfed me server side?

    Top healer in BWD for our guild and completed BOT to Cho'Gall the 4th boss.

    I don't know what else I can do and my gear is about as far as you can go without getting a lucky helm drop off Magmaw and its not dropped yet.

    If I was Spock on Star Trek I would turn to the Captain and say "It makes no sense Jim?"

    I added a screen shot of the Melee output and my Overall heals....I can't even hazard a guess at this point if thats high or low for heal throughput? Oh FYI I never run out of mana with the current gear and the Doll trinket and the other ways to replenish mana I was spamming heals onto tank and party no effect at all....

    I am very very SAD ;( and going to cry!
    Low mastery and using inner will...both bad...WAY to much haste, blocking view of ur name so we cant armory for better info. In all visably you are not sure whats going on. Tank probably similar to you w/ lowe mastery and Stam>all . Innerfire and mastery will improve your healing also dont Renew its horribly inefficient. PoM PoH Heal Flash heal. GS and GH as needed. Sanctuary if its heavy aoe and ur grouped.
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    This is a freaking troll. He has repeatedly said he is in all 359 but the screen clearly shows that he is not.

    If you can heal BoT and BWD then there is no reason that you can't heal ZA or ZG.

    Ynna's post on page 1 answered this thread and I say lock this thing up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milkshake86 View Post
    Low mastery and using inner will...both bad...WAY to much haste, blocking view of ur name so we cant armory for better info. In all visably you are not sure whats going on. Tank probably similar to you w/ lowe mastery and Stam>all . Innerfire and mastery will improve your healing also dont Renew its horribly inefficient. PoM PoH Heal Flash heal. GS and GH as needed. Sanctuary if its heavy aoe and ur grouped.
    There is no thing like "too much haste", stop spreading bullshit. HST gives more throughput than MST if you have the mana/regen to support it. Are you seriously saying renew is horribly inefficient to a holy priest? Oh dear science, help me. If you don't keep renew on the tank as holy, you are horribly inefficient as a priest. If you are to aoe heal lots, you use Chakra:Santuary, no matter if you are grouped or not, he shouldn't be using HW:S in 5 mans, esp. not ZA/ZG where the direct healing requirement is way higher and he won't have 9k mana to spend on something like that.

    Calling renew inefficient while recommending flash heal, wonderful.
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    Dear Oathanvil:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ynna View Post
    No, I did not miss that. And it does not matter. And the entire part of the discussion is useless anyway, since no-one said you should use Grid/Healbot/Vuhdo. I believe one of the priest moderators heals with the stock UI and mouse-over macros (which you are ignoring in your replies).
    I'd like to take this time to step into the thread and say "Hi", and that's me. AddOns aren't required for this game, they just make your interface something bearable. The class isn't broken if you don't play them, and isn't automatically fixed by running them.

    Fun fact: More than Priests use 3rd Party addons to heal. Fun fact, Blizzard supports Third Party addons, so long as they don't play the game for you (in which case they're broken, see the original Decursive, the first healing mods from Vanilla, or AVR). It's just a nice way to present all the information to you. I just personally can't wait for the movable cast bar in 4.2, but that's besides the point.

    To quote Ynna, "There is nothing wrong with the Priest class or the Holy spec". And quite frankly, Oathanvil if you're not able to take the critique that's been pointed your way to improve the issues you're having that none of us are, well, this thread serves no purpose.

    Re-read it all, or don't. But this is coming to a close, now.
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