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    Don't see Teebu's Blazing Longsword very much. Or well, at all really

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    I think one of the rarest are those old pieces that had the wrong stats. I would come across armor of the same name and every now an d then there would be one that had the wrong stats that was on the ah for a lot more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tural View Post
    The old Thistle Tea recipe. No longer freshly obtainable, but they still exist out there. Beyond items that are completely unobtainable like the Talisman, it's probably one of the rarest things to be able to find now. One up on Kel'Thuzad's AH right now, and a guildmate found one on an alt around a year ago.
    bah, someone beat me to it.....

    after that, prolly teebu's

    then any of the sunwell pattens
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    I bought a pendulum of doom way back when in BC for 40g. I used it on my 39 twink warior.
    As far as Shadowfang goes I woulda snatched up any one for 1-10k gold

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    Thistle tea used to be crazy rampant with the recipe everywhere, ive seen teebus prolly 5 times in my WoW career.

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    I would say Teebu's Blazing Longsword.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrathcrab View Post
    Don't see Teebu's Blazing Longsword very much. Or well, at all really
    I was going to say Teebu's as well, it could only drop from level 61+ elites, so there was only a few sources for it; many of which only spawned during the AQ event.

    Edit: Corrected to say all elites over level 60.
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    I'm certain it's not the rarest item out there but Felstriker is probably up there somewhere. - 2% drop rate from Rend in UBRS. Not very rare considering but I've only ever seen two. 1 was mine and another was on a random T2 rogue.

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    Shadowmourne, oh wait. Anybody and everybody has that.

    Nah i think Ateish never seen it once and played like 7 different servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rzy View Post
    Nah i think Ateish never seen it once and played like 7 different servers.
    Then you're playing on low population or low progression servers. On my server in Classic there were no less than 7 or 8 guilds completing Naxx before TBC, and there were probably 4 or 5 people with Atiesh running around... Then after TBC, I know 2 or 3 more people completed their's when they found out it was being done away with at Wrath release.

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    Spellshock Leggings were insanely rare up until 4.0.6 or so.

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    I actually have Teebu's Blazing Longsword sitting in the bank and haven't been able to sell it. I got it a few months ago farming Junk Boxes in UBRS.

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    I think the Skeletal Club is pretty rare. I've only seen it a handful of times in Vanilla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noteworthynerd View Post
    I was going to say Teebu's as well, it was a world drop (so not in raids, nor outdoor raid bosses) from level 61+ elites, so there was only a few sources for it; and many of those sources only spawned during the AQ event.
    Not true, the 6 recorded drops on wowhead are all from raids. That does show how rare it is though. Teebu's will probably win the rarity contest, though there are a lot of other rare items/recipes. Someone mentioned the starbelt pattern earlier. There's also Manual: Strong Anti-Venom, Hyacinth Macaw, Schematic: Arcane Bomb, Plans: Radiant Belt, Plans: Searing Golden Blade and several others, but that's just off the top of my head. Most of those only have collectors value and are pretty obscure, so many people never heard of them.

    Ironically, I have the last two but they won't sell.
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    assassins blade was sooo rare

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    I've sold one Shadowfang in my WoW career, and used one for my own leveling rogue. I think Teebu's takes the cake for the rarest non-legendary item I can think of, otherwise it's Atiesh - in 5 years of WoW I've only seen one in person once. Hyacinth Macaw IS rare... but I have one. XD My husband got it while questing in STV and gave it to me for my pet collection.
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    Lesser Block to Shield

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    I believe the rarest obtainable item in game is the starbelt pattern

    after 6 years of searching the AH, I have yet to see this item ever, for any amount of gold.
    I have one learnt, 2 on my pattern bank. Mooncloth Circlet however I have only my learnt one and never seen another. Then there is the sunwell patterns... oh the sunwell patterns.. 4/5 of the recipes ingame I don't own are sunwell.

    Rare patterns, like Searing Blade, Radiant Circlet/Belt, Star Belt, Shadow Hood, Mooncloth Circlet, Arcane Bomb, all pale when compared to the rarity of Sunwell. That said I have 4 different goggle patterns and a BoE blacksmith one lying around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acker View Post
    Not true, the 6 recorded drops on wowhead are all from raids.
    Interesting, I only said what I said because I read it here: under the "Banging the Gong" section.

    The spoils of war were worth it, too; many of the bosses you encountered over this 10-hour period were capable of dropping bind on equip items. One of the rarest epics in the game for years was Teebu's Blazing Longsword. It was rare because it could only drop off of elite mobs higher than level 60, of which there were very few. Teebu's had a less than 0.01% drop rate. If you saw a Teebu's Blazing Longsword during vanilla WoW, chances were very good it was found during the battle for Ahn'Qiraj and had made the rounds on the auction house many times, with nobody willing to equip it. Teebu's was a larger sign of status than legendaries like Thunderfury or Sulfuras.
    Edit: I suppose it doesn't say world drop, does it... My mistake.

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    lol at people talking about legendary necklace... that item is NOT inagme anymore
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    This post was almost as bad as you.
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    The clueless commentary from the shortsighted peanut gallery is getting to me.
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