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    Minecraft - World of Warcraft skins

    Hello everyone, I love doing some minecraft skins on Minersneedcoolshoes.com, especially World of Warcraft characters.

    I'll try to bump this thread whenever I do a new skin

    (Ps : Sorry for my English if I make some mistakes, I'm french )

    Raggy, the firelord : http://www.minersneedcoolshoes.com/2011/05/05/ragnaros/

    Random Draenei Male Paladin : http://www.minersneedcoolshoes.com/2011/03/20/draenei/

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    The Raggy one was really well made, good job!

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    this thread needs more attention

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    The links arent working for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGiant89 View Post
    The links arent working for me
    Same here. Can someone download the images and post them on this thread directly?
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    I'll definitely poke through the selection when the links actually work. a ragnaros skin sounds like it would be awesome. does he have scrawny legs or the graphically updated, macho legs?
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