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    The best RP-PVP server for alliance.

    I'd like to know what the best server is because I have a group of real life friends and they are starting for the first time. I want a good mix of community and pvp for them as I've played since classic. So out of the 6 RP-PVP servers. Which one is the best for Community, Population, and PVP for alliance?

    EDIT: I should have clarified. US Only please.
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    I'd Go with the Defias Brotherhood, just because of the number of players there.

    the other servers feels kinda... dead... in comparison :\

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    Don't do it!!!! Role Playing is a NONO even more so on a PvP server :S

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    US Only please. Also, I don't quite follow why rp is wrong on a RP PVP server. I played on maelstrom for a bit and horde did fine :P. Its just not an alliance server at all.

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    Roleplaying is actually very fun, once you get into it, it beats raiding, and this is coming from a guy that have played since vanilla (even since patch 0.8) I started RPing at around 3.3, for the fun of it, I would really recommend it .

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    Selfless Bump

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    The only RP server still active is Moonguard.
    Lightninghoof is your best choice for RP-PvP, but if you want to do actual RP, Moonguard is pretty much your only choice.

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    Twisting Nether. The faction has its own groups and all but more active for RP lately. Most people use Total RP 2 on Ally side.


    Also a link to the community site.

    I've enjoyed TN compared to Ravenholdt or Lightninghoof. I hope LH has gotten better but both servers felt dry of RP.
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