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    Holy Word: Sanctuary

    I am just wondering, does anyone ever use HW: Sanctuary, it seems to me that it costs too much mana, is on too long a cooldown, and doesn't heal for anything even after the 35% buff.

    Anyone has thoughts on this?

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    use during maloriak and chimaeron

    thats about it maybe omnitron

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    Only fight I use it on is Al'Akir 25HC, since mana isn't really a problem for me, and the whole raid is stacked in p2.

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    i generally always use it when there's a couple of ppl stacked up, i probably use it the most on Valiona&Theralion.

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    using it before i start eating after a wipe.


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    I've been using it on some fights since the patch, basically whenever everyone is stacked up for raid damage. It does still do a pretty pathetic amount of healing even with the buff, but I figure it can't hurt as long as I have the mana to spare for it. If I wasn't raiding with 2-3 resto shaman dropping mana tide in a rotation I would probably be less inclined to use it.

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    i think it is pretty
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    i think it is pretty
    I usually end up /y or /s "FAIRY DUST!" everytime I place it.

    I kinda dislike the new animation

    And the sound of my Body and Soul Speedbuff doesn't help me feeling like a little fairy that's just spreading it's sparkling dust all over the world.

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    Heck yes I use it... to make screen shots sparkly. :P

    In all seriousness, I do drop it sometimes when the raid is stacked because I'm more or less past the point of mana problems... but the healing it does is still pretty pathetic, even when the overheal from it is rather low. Sanctuary could definitely use a little more help.

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    You'd be suprised how much healing it does when used correctly (aka, in a heavy or constant damage situation with enough people standing in it).

    It's not a heal that will keep up the raid by itself, but thanks to it's duration and the fact it heals everyone standing in it, it can do a pretty good job anyway.

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    I use it during Chimaeron feud, Maloriak red phase, and Halfus since we have lots of melee and 2-3 tanks. (HC ofcourse)
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    I don't really bother with Sanctuary. Haven't found a fight where it makes a notable difference, and I honestly don't have the luxury of wasting that amount of mana for a gimmick effect. Sure, it can pad my HPS numbers marginally, but honestly, leave the HPS game to the druids. They need to be able to feel awesome about something anyway.

    The AoE Chakra state is pretty epic though

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    I love Sanctuary! I raid with a Resto Sham and a Disc Priest tho...

    so Heroic Chim Feud phase:

    Sanctuary + Healing Rain + Giant Bubble = Win

    I use the spell a lot in conjunction with Healing Rain mostly.. Maloriak, Cho, Chim, and other fights, but yeah, it's a niche spell, but definitely amazing in the right spots.. imo

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    Definitely an amazing spell, Opening seconds of Halfus heroic Drop it on melee. Chimaeron Feud..nobrainer. Maloriak obviously red phase. Atramedes Searing flame drop it on melee. Nefarian Electrocute everyone should be stack except kite tank and healer ,drop it on the ground. V&T Blackout. Council Drop it on melee during rising flames. Chogall p3 melee or range cluster. Sinestra doesnt matter where just drop it on a pile. In all its a good heal when used in conjunction w/ raid mechanics and your other heals.

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    Magmaw, Omno, Chimaeron, Atramedes, Maloriak, Nefarian, Conclave, Alakir, Cho'gall and Sinestra.

    So yeah, basically every fight.

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    This seems to come up a great deal, but you just have to think about it a bit.

    HW: Sanc is very inefficient. Its efficiency doesn't actually go up by cramming more people into it. It kind of just does a set healing throughput split among all the people in it. It does get even worse if not enough people are standing in the circle. My HW: Sanc ticks for 830 on average, at 9059 mana. accounting for crit, that's 48k healing (potentially) from a 1 second pre-emptive cast (cast before incoming damage hits). Even if it's inefficient, that's a considerable throughput boost. Compare it to Renew: my renew (glyphed/talented) is worth about 5.6 HPM. Sanc is worth about 5.3. Not as bad as most people think. You just need to time it appropriately.

    Sanc has insanely high potential heal PER CAST TIME. Use it when you need to boost throughput, and you're willing to sacrifice efficiency a bit.

    As others have said as well, you can lay down Sanc before the incoming damage hits, meaning you don't lose any throughput from CoH/Pom (as the effect is delayed).

    Sanc has its place and should be used regularly, but if you're using it on cooldown something is wrong.

    PoM is the only other spell that even comes remotely close to Sanc's HPCT, but in most situations PoM doesn't have a huge influence on your overall HPS while sanc can.
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    Using it on CD is fine if you have something worth using it on and your mana pool can support it. Any mana when a fight is over is wasted mana.

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    I think the idea is that it heals while you heal, it's extra healing on top of what you are doing since it is meant to be cast pre-emptively. If you can afford it from a mana perspective and you think the extra healing is helpful/required, there isn't much reason not to use it.
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    The times i use it most are on nefarian 25hc on the pillars to be honest. If i get cinders there is still at least something ticking over and it doesnt hurt having it down if you have no mana issues.
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    Heroic Al'akir on the melee group... pillars on HC Nef, especially if you have to leave with Cinders... scorching breath on atramedes... Shadows Orders on Chogal. but outside of that meh. It is pretty lackluster. It scales inversely from 10 to 25 man since you nearly always break the 6+ rule and therefore heal each target for a more insignificant amount.

    I want to like it a lot, but i dont. Does that stop me from casting it? No... but it doesn't mean I dont cringe at the healing it does after spending thousands and thousands of mana to cast it.
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