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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurabolt View Post
    That's the one variable I won't know until I've started. My stomach acid is pretty strong so I'm not worried about running out of space before I hit the food wall. I usually hit it (food wall) at parties or family dinners but when it comes it stops me cold. I'm more worried about getting full off the fries since it's starch. That's why I'm saving it for last.

    Meat's easy ^_^

    ...You a Boston guy too by chance?
    No, no Boston. I just have an appreciation of eating

    Unless it was the way I spoke(typed), then I don't know how that comes across. Good luck to you though.

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    So is this video shown of this "Furious Pete" guy fake?

    Says he completed it and it's now called The Furious Pete Challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apoc11 View Post

    Says someone finished it b4 you brooo... hate to say it ^_^
    was just about to say samething goolged it and bumped into it 2
    on picture i would have said fries would be doable
    but in vid wow i wouldnt even start to think i would
    Quote Originally Posted by Lucapa View Post
    The shadow priest buff/nerf cycle:
    Being underpowered for 6 months in ToC, no problem.
    Being overpowered for 2 days, hotfix nerfed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Redmage View Post
    All I saw was
    Patch Notes:
    Warlocks fun factor nerfed by 700%

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    Then again, if I eat any cheese I die. If I eat 2 pounds worth my oesophagus will explode before the cheese can poison me

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    haha, sounds like you have a great plan! go for it.

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    I wouldn't try to eat it. It looks repulsive.
    Quote Originally Posted by SW:TOR
    Jokerseven - Kinetic Combat Shadow - Praxeum - Canderous Ordo
    Ce'lia - Combat Sentinel - Praxeum - Canderous Ordo
    Sentinel PVE Basics for the two Specs that matter

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    Wow that looks gross... and yet there are people who would eat this.

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    Thats impossible. no way you can fit 12lbs of crap in your stomach.

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    One thing: Epic Meal Time. Whadda ya know about bacon?!!
    And another thing; it makes me hungry as hell! Looks delish.

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    Hm, I was under the impression that there was 12 pounds of beef on the burger, then the bacon and cheese, then five pounds of fries.

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    Two words: adult diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurabolt View Post
    I give you the Eagle's Deli Challenge:

    Deli and Restaurant
    1918 Beacon St. Brighton MA, 02135

    The Challenge: Eat a 12-pound burger, which includes 5 pounds of hamburger, 2 pounds of bacon and cheese, 5 pounds of fries, and a giant pickle.

    Made For: 1 Person

    Price Tag: $55

    Time Limit:
    60 Minutes (1 Hour).

    The Rules: You must complete the burger, fries and pickle within the alloted time. No potty breaks allowed, the Challenge is Eat-In only (obviously). If you vomit at any time during the challenge you automatically fail (duh). Free refills on drinks during the challenge. For the sake of formalities, if you finish the challenge in the last 10 minutes there will be a 5-minute waiting period before victory is declared.

    Prize for Finishing: Your money back + $100, a T-Shirt and (of course) bragging rights.

    Win/Loss Ratio: 1500+ Wins, 0 Defeats. Undefeated Challenge.

    Famous Challengers:
    Adam Richman (Man v. Food), David Blaine (Magician), Joey Chestnut (MLE) and Crazy Legs Conti (MLE) among others.

    ...I got all that off of a fan page dedicated to the restaurant. I dropped by Eagles Deli last weekend hoping to see someone attempting it but it appears folks have resigned themselves to it simply being unbeatable. A damned shame since the EDC is one of the few food challenges that remains undefeated by MLE. By the way, MLE stands for Major League Eating. Most of you know about the Annual Hot Dog Easting Contest in New York every 4th of July.

    Anywho, some of the staff said they recently applied to work at the restaurant in the hopes of seeing someone beat it. The owner of the store is getting older and according to legend, if no one beats the challenge before he dies he has it written into his will tbe EDC will be retired as undefeated. According to the picures I've seen it definitely IS doable. It's 10 patties stacked on top of each other topped with cheese and bacon. I usually eat a burger or two when I dine there. The fries they give you are about a third of what you see pictured. I clean my plate in 7 minutes on average.

    Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself: I told the cashier over the weekend "The next time I visit, I'm going to end the streak."

    What makes me think I'll do better? For one, I can't vomit. I had an operation as a kid that made that impossible. The gag reflex works but nothing ever comes up. Second, I eat big. As I said just now I clear their traditional-sized burgers and fries in under 10 minutes. Doing the math, I've concluded I can finish the entire challenge in under 30 minutes and here's how I broke it down:

    10 Patties + Bacon and Cheese: 1 Patty consumed in 45 Seconds, 45 x 10 = 14 minutes, 50 seconds.

    Fries: Handful (10 fries) consumed in 10 seconds, 10 handfuls (100 fries) per minute, fries cleared in 10 minutes

    Pickle: Consumed in 2 minutes.

    Now here's exactly how I plan to do it in order--

    1. Start by breaking the burger apart and spread 8 of them across the fries. Dump a cup of ketchup on the fries + burger patties to help soften the fries + burger patties.

    2. Eat the remaining Patties + Cheese and Bacon plus any excess cheese that ran off the other patties with the bun.

    3. Eat the pickle (duh).

    4. Eat the remaing 8 Patties Caveman style.

    5. Eat the fries with a fork.

    6. Checkmate ^_^

    What about you? Think you can do it?
    $55? How about you pay my hospital bill after I have the hart attack that that thing WILL induce. I have a feeling that will be a bit more than $55

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    Burger alone, yes.
    But there is no freakin way I can eat the burger AND that many fries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Replicate View Post
    I think the gallon and cinnamon challenge at the same time is more feasible than this lol.
    They would be. The reason the cinnamon challenge is so difficult is because there is no liquid for the cinnamon to bind with, so its just a powder going down your throat, and thats bad.

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    That shit looks fuckin AMAZING.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A1CZERO View Post
    Burger alone, yes.
    But there is no freakin way I can eat the burger AND that many fries.
    Im with you on that one the burger yes but that mount everest of chips no way xD

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    At first I was like "oh god that looks good", then I was like "..nah... not really."

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    As much as I like hamburgers. There's a limit to what I'd eat, lol.

    In terms of the cancer thing, just want to clear something up

    Quote Originally Posted by Sabbie View Post
    Food gives cancer..... man I'm so dead
    Burnt protein will create carcinogens if I remember correctly. Its usually negligible, as you'd probably be more prone to skin cancer from the radiation caused by your TV, Monitor, Lights, Sun, Microwave, Computer, etc etc, you get the point.
    Quote Originally Posted by drukai View Post
    They would be. The reason the cinnamon challenge is so difficult is because there is no liquid for the cinnamon to bind with, so its just a powder going down your throat, and thats bad.
    Its not a challenge, its a human impossibility. Due to how much surface area ground cinnamon has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twotonsteak View Post
    $55? How about you pay my hospital bill after I have the hart attack that that thing WILL induce. I have a feeling that will be a bit more than $55
    Can you cry about it some more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bozzna View Post
    have fun with your cancer if you eat that shit
    I second that statement.
    Just looking at that thing makes my arteries clog.

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