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    Your high school experience? good or bad?

    As a senior, i have about 3 weeks left of my High School career, and looking back, it really wasn't that great.

    My freshman year was most likely the worst. I was dealing with puberty (i was a late bloomer), i was really quiet and had like one or two friends. Since i had come from a very small middle school (30 kids in my class) to a much larger high school (like 310 kids in my class), the huge change was ALOT to deal with. i was a very strange, short, fat kid who didnt really talk to people. when somebody made fun of me i got really upset and frustrated. definitely not a good year.

    Sophmore year was definitely better. I was more outspoken and engaged my teachers more. made friends, not really close friends, but people i would talk to in my classes. I wasn't as short or as fat so i was alot less awkward. besides that, I really don't remember much about that year at all. One thing i do remember is that i did not have a single person to sit with in the cafeteria. i usually just skipped lunch and spent my lunch period in the library surfing the internet. I was incredibly insecure with asking people i talked to in class if i could sit next to them. i had a huge fear of rejection and it was really strange.

    Junior year was definitely better. i started taking some honor and AP classes and made closer friends. i had a short term kinda girlfriend, but she turned out to be totally messed up and crazy. And i definitly started to talk alot more and crack jokes at people. i had a regular lunch table and got more and more out of my shell. was a good year for me.

    Now senior year has without a doubt been my best year. I have leaped out of my shell and thrown it away. i have a group of very good friends that i hang out with during school. I am popular with most of the kids i hang out with because of my abrasive sense of humor. I enjoy most of my classes and enjoy all of my teachers. My gpa went wayyy up because i wasnt taking Spanish anymore. I had a free period to socialize in. its definitly been a good year. i only wish i had met my group of friends before this year. they wish they had met me before this year. they say i add the perfect touch of humor and intelligence to the group. for the first time, i really feel part of something. its a good feeling.

    Yet, the strange thing is, without a doubt, i am never going to be one of the people that say "high school was the best years of my life". its been a good run and i have definitely grown, but this is merely the foundation for a great rest of my life. i plan on studying Pre-Med and going onto Med School to get a M.D in infectious Diseases. and by pure coincidence, one of the people in my group is going to the same college as me, which is definitly nice.

    So, my question to you is, What has your High School experience been like? Did you love every second of it? or hate it with all your soul?

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    High School = Middle School but the dumbass kids have bigger mouths. I hated high school. I didn't get bullied or anything, I just really disliked a lot of the kids, hated the pointless busywork, and had a teacher tell my mom that I was on drugs when I wasn't and never have been. It pissed me off when the teachers always had to have you do everything a certain way instead of doing shit on your own. I failed two quarters of a given class because a teacher kept waking me up.

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    my high school was awesome. We don't change schools here when going from middle school to high school(unless you want to, of course), so I already have a nice group of friends I used to hang out with. the whole thing was very good, but senior year was definitely the best one: I grew much closer to some of them, and I started to hang out and talk with pretty much everybody in my class(something I didn't do in the previous years), perhaps because I wanted to take the best out of the short time I had left. one year just flies by you...

    College is nice too, but I'll always have fond memories of my high school years.
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    My high schools years can be described by one word: meh. I spent most of my high school years asleep in the sense that things happened around me and I did not react to them. Most of my time i was with a group of friends talking about video games and doing dumb activities that did not help my growth.
    Everything got better when I started reading in my senior year and I looking at things differently, but alas I was too late to enjoy "the high school experience". Wasn't a big deal and won't remember much of it once I am older.

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    what i spent actually in school it was alright looking back it on.

    my farther always told me love it now while you can because when your leaving and look back on those gates your be thinking of the best time of your life.

    he was not far wrong school years were fun, no bills to pay no resonsibilitys just fun with friends. i would argu college was more fun as i had drugs, alcahole to play with and freedome tho. those were my best days but school days were up with the best of times for me.

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    actually it wasn't bad i spent my freshman n sophomore years in Casper WY but then we moved n i spent the rest at a different one in calli. wasn't to hard for me to get new friends though. playing football helps....a lot.

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    Hated highschool. I didn't realize it until after I left though. I was never that kid that was like, "I can't wait to get out of this hole, this town sucks and I hate my parents". But seriously, after 3 years of college now my town sucked and I couldn't wait to get out. Don't hate my parents though :P

    It just goes to show how BS most movies and TV about high school are. According to them, I was extremely popular. Captain of football, dated cheer leader, homecoming all that stuff. But I hated it sooo much. Shame I didn't realize it until I left.

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    I loved it. Hung out with my best friend through Football and Track, hiked a lot, took AP classes, was in the Chess Club, etc. The only thing I didn't like is that classes were a little too boring sometimes, but it wasn't much of a problem, I just took a class at the local community college my junior year to quell the boredom a bit. The key thing is to expereince all of it and try to make friends with everybody, not get stuck in one particular group of kids(gamers, nerd, jocks, popular kids, whatever).

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    I moved about 16 times from 1st-11th grade (Parental units flipped houses). I never knew anybody really well, I lost most credits to transfers and stopped caring. I would never do my homework, put forth effort, or strive to make friends. I knew I would just be moved again and have to start all over again anyway. When I turned 16 I got a truck and I would just drive up to Tahoe and sleep in my truck. I wasn't considered truant because I switched schools so often I had plenty missable days. When I turned 17 my parents got divorced and I had to move again. I was tired of it and just took my GED then moved off to University at 17 years old. I am 19 now and have more problems with proper schooling habits than I care to talk about.

    It might have been different if I didn't move so much. As it went though, it was hell and it has messed up my life more than helped it.

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    I was a hit in High School...A Real King of the Sea if you will...

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    I wouldn't say that I enjoyed high school, but it wasn't awful. Most of my teachers liked me, had a steady girlfriend for 3 out of the 4 years. I only had a few close friends that I would hang out with on weekends and stuff, everyone else was really just an acquaintance, but I liked it that way.
    Honestly I kind of miss the simplicity of it. Wake up, go to school, play video games, repeat. Didn't have to worry about paying rent, other bills, all that nonsense.

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    High school was stupid I'm glad I'm an adult now and am an unemployed alcoholic
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    Highschool was meh. Kind of sucked since all my friends from my elementary all went to the same local highschool and I went to the city so I didn't really catch up with them unless it was on the weekends then slowly began to fall out and they went their separate ways. I immediately found a group of friends so it was alright. But there were no girls in the school, very small school, and the girls were either really dumb and meh or just ugly nerdy crazy loners that had fights over their academic performance and attempted to sabotage one another though they all came from very rich families but didn't take care of their body at all.

    The first 2 years there was this one kid everyone picked on. Idk he was fat, nerdy, squeaky voice, played yu-gi-oh, and generally provoked fights with his obnoxious attitude. I was one of the only people to actually befriend him but I didn't take any heat I'm too quiet to be noticed. He'd let everyone get to him which he basically fed the fire and essentially got 'trolled' by everyone and he'd get mad and get suspended for getting into a fist fight he couldn't win. Like I'd be just sitting around playing my GBA and he'd get into a fight with some random asshole. I guess I'm an asshole myself for not standing up for him but at the sametime he just kept feeding them, he just couldn't let it go or ignore them and move on. By 8th grade he changed schools, I saw him a couple years ago when my friends and I went to a game cafe and he turned towards us, he didn't notice me, and sneered 'ugh xxxx kids' my friend almost wanted to knock his shit out, which I found hilarious cause my friend is the most docile person I know. But its good to know hes still alive, I guess.

    Overall it was good. Wasn't bad but nowhere near as fun or memorable as my elementary years. Never got into any fights cause I could avoid them and not get suspended and end up like the 90% of the grade whom are losers going for dead end jobs doing business or psychology or have dropped out.
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    I enjoyed mine. Had "school friends" by which I mean we got on well at school and sometimes outside of school, but after graduating I never cared to see any of them again. Was popular with the students, the staff, and the police officers. Few cool stories but most of the time it was just kind of routine.

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    Currently a high school student, I find it pretty boring. A lot of the work seems too easy, and just annoyance. I'm pretty nonchalant, so I've never been in big arguments or fights. I just look at the world through my rearview, everything is behind me, time to move on with the future. Junior currently, if anyone was curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helicoptermadeofdraculas View Post
    High school was stupid I'm glad I'm an adult now and am an unemployed alcoholic
    fucking yes.

    high school was awesome....friends with most people, mad parties senior year, lax team actually went somewhere in the playoffs. I enjoyed the shit out of high school.
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    Hated it
    Didnt click, I thought differently from people. Bluntly put I matured quicker, however I had my issues with seeing social cues.
    Didn't really understand I had aspergers, or how to deal with it. Had to deal with a lot of shit because of it, because I didn't understand why I didn't click.
    The friends I did have were flakes, none of them carried with me afterwards in the end.
    Stuff is fine for me now, but basically none of my growth occurred in highschool. Happier nowadays, still developing a circle of people out of the family I can trust and blah blah but I'm moving forward

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    went through three highschools and wound up with about 4 or 5 people I can still go and talk with... also was voted most likely to commit the next Columbine by my classmates.... sooooooooooooooooo yeah. Me and highschool weren't that close.


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    ive only ever had one good friend all my life, weve been best friends since 1st grade, hes like a brother to me. all throughout school i had school friends to talk to, but really only ever hung out with my best friend. high school was just another 4 years of "education" to me. i was the kind of kid who had a good GPA but didnt really do much. i had friends in every "clique" and in 12th grade in physics, the kids on the football team would argue over which of them would sit at my table during a test :P. i enjoyed it, but i didnt enjoy waking up at 6 a.m every morning

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    Freshman/sophmore years were good. Junior year i stopped smoking pot and started to notice how boring life was. Senior year i was drug free for a year and really depressed so it pretty much sucked and i stopped going for weeks at a time. Sad thing is i still graduated. it was a joke and if you fail in high school you're going to be a failure your whole life
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