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Thread: Roll a d6!

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    Smile Roll a d6!

    My cousin and his friends made this video and when i watched it, it had 88,000 views. I went back to look at it again with my family about 15mins later and it had 109,000 views. It is very nicely done and i really enjoy it. so check it out and Enjoy !

    Go to Youtube, and Look up "Roll a D6" Couldnt post link so yeah :P !!!

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    I think the video got saved by a hotness roll from the lady. (I'm sure I got the D&D lingo wrong, sue me)

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    Mmm... -takes out the dice- 2D6... :3
    Because ten billion
    years' time is so fragile
    so ephemeral…
    it arouses such a
    almost heartbreaking fondness.

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    here is the link for the video.

    I enjoyed the video, nice job

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    Larp and D&D? Epic win! We need more Larp videos like this!

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