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    [Poll] Marmite - Love it or Hate it ?

    Title says it all. Personally to spread some marmite on a piece of toast.

    So, do you love it or hate it ?

    Edit: Apparently americans have never heard of Marmite.. so here's a short explanation.

    Marmite is a sticky, dark brown paste that can be used to accompany food (most frequently spread on toast). It's famous for its very distinctive taste which people either love or hate to the point where even the marketing slogan of the product is "Love it or hate it".

    Hope this clears some confusion
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    Never heard of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by HellBurn View Post
    Title says it all. Personally to spread some marmite on a piece of toast.

    So, do you love it or hate it ?
    Title sais all? Glad im not the only one who has no clue what you're talking about.
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    Wtf is Marmite
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    itt: people can't use wikipedia/google?

    on topic: love it!

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    peeps its the BEST sandwich filling/toast filling ever. Anyone tried cooking with it on roast potatoes? now that is lush

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    Marmite on toast then melt some cheese on top *drools*..... checks food supplies.... brb : )

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    Hmm i don't particularly love it, but don't hate it either. I have it occasionally on toast.

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    I like toast. Anything that's edible that fits on top of a toast I usually like aswell. Therefore voted I love it
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    Hate the smell, hate the taste, hate it all... GAH!!! Even thinking about it makes worse!!! >

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    where's the ''never heard of it'' option then ?
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    I tried it, recommended by some online friends while playing COD2 many years ago. My first taste and I almost threw up. Horrible.

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    Edited for clarification

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    marmite flavoured condoms. go.

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    First time I hear about it so no idea.

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    Love it on some cheese on toast with a nice cuppa Or just on some toast. But it is true though you either love it or hate it. There's no in between with it.

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    I hate it but I Like Twiglets. Don't ask I don't even...

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    I love it on toast/crumpets if its small quantities, I can't swamp my bread with it otherwise I hate it

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    I love it in sandwiches
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    Just got to taste Marmite a week ago when meeting some English friends. I was disappointed because I had heard it was soooo terrible, it was meh really. Not really good, have had worse. Its nothing i would eat regularly, but if we didn't have anything else, sure.
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