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Thread: 6÷2(1+2)=?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omegasupreme View Post
    you ALWAYS do parenthesis first... so its 6/6 not 3*3
    Well only thing is that the 2 isn't part of the paranthesis....
    Also doesn't ppl learn in school that 2(x+y) = 2*(x+y)? You can't just magically turn it into (2*(x+y))
    This thread is not stupid in any way cuz of the nonexisting "*" or paranthesis around 6/2. It's the way math works lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traigor View Post
    appearantly %35+ of the peeps livin with a piece of crap between their ears... /facedesk
    Actually it's more like 63% because you lack the comprehension.
    Quote Originally Posted by Skrutskij View Post
    Well only thing is that the 2 isn't part of the paranthesis....
    Except IT IS.
    Quote Originally Posted by paranoidkiwie View Post
    Anything outside the parenthesis is by default not part of the parenthesis.
    You would be right if it wasn't because the 2 is LINKED to the parenthesis, if there had been an operator you would have been right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmgewehr86 View Post
    jesus christ it is 1.i am astounished how many people actually said 9.I guess a lotta people skipped 4 th grade
    Way too obvious, the best trolls are suttle.

    Also it's 9. Parenthesis, then left to right. Hurr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catanowplx View Post

    thats where you made a mistake yound man!
    you multiplay first, then divide!
    Division and multiplication are ranked equaly. As sutch i'm right.

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    you do this first (1+2) which is 3 leaving 6÷2*3 which in tern leaves 3 times 3 which is 9... now burn in my fire
    The sun has set on this mortal world fools make peace with your end for the hour of twilight falls!

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    It's maths, who cares? really

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    Took the help of Batman to solve this.
    (This signature was removed for violation of the Avatar & Signature Guidelines)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pope View Post
    There is no answer. The calculation is shown in a way it's not clear what should be performed second.
    I stopped reading this thread at page 3, so this has probably been answered plenty times by now, but here I go anyway.
    There IS an answer, and the question is not ambiguous. There are priority rules for a reason.
    6÷2(1+2) =
    6÷2.3 =
    3.3 =
    First parenthesis, then multiplication and division with the same priority, so left to right.

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    I can't stay in this thread any longer. It's actually enraging me.

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    Brackets first

    6/2 (3)

    M = D, so therfore we go left to right in order of operations:

    so therefore

    6/2 = 3

    so therfore 3(3) = 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warcrafter View Post
    i swear to god some people here never passed 6th grade maths.... its 9
    Using the normal rules of math, you'll get the number 1.
    Numbers standing outside () have prio over divation.
    I've the highest grade in all mathclasses I've been in for the last 7 years (I'm 18) and this is atleast how we count in Sweden

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    I love all the people who are posting by only reading the first post and ignoring the fact that they've been proved wrong 10 pages ago

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    Ughhh.. really. This has been done so many times. 12 pages... /sigh

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