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    Darkmoon Card: Volcano as a discipline priest.

    Hello guys and ladies, long time reader, first time poster, so hi

    I am wondering, with the addition of holy fire to attonement healing, and change to Darkmoon Card: Volcano proccing from dot effects, is this trinket viable for attonement specced healer?

    I have an option of choosing from several other trinkets, and want to try things out (or let people advise me) before raid to not cause any unneccesary strain on my fellow healers. I am doing only normal modes (did 12/12), soon I will be trying Halfus on Heroic.

    With proper usage of cooldowns (archangel, power infusion, rapture, fiend...) I think this trinket could be amazing, so what do you think?

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    being as ur disc id assume Theralions mirror b4 DMC volc, atleast w/ power auras u could use the proc to get huge shields out. Regardless Int/Mp5>DMC volc

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