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    Best horde lock pvp race

    Whats the best lock race for pvp as horde

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    the one which perks you can use the best...

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    Troll or Blood Elf, or so I'm told. Same with mages.

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    Hells gate and your next
    undead,why beacause of WoTF and canninbalize.

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    Bloodelf gets a silence etc
    Undeads get Will of the forsaken etc
    Trolls get speed buff etc
    Orcs get spell power buff pet damage etc.
    goblins get rocket jump and passive haste

    Undead might be best
    trolls buff is ok for pvp
    orcs is ok also and the pet damage is great
    bloodelf silence is ok but drs with felhunters silence
    goblin jump can be good but its situational

    Pretty much any race is good for a lock in pvp although imo its probably Undead>Orc>Goblin>Bloodelf>Troll for pvp.

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    troll for haste blood elf for silence and mana.
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    General PvP: Blood Elf or Forsaken
    Cleave team: Orc

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