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    Is Cheerleading a sport?

    Is Cheerleading a sport...?
    Should it be allowed in the olympics?

    Why or why not is it a sport.

    I hate it, and think its far from a sport. Your guys opinions?

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    i think of it more of a mix of gymnastics/dance, i would allow it as a event in the olympics
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    Guess it depends on your definition.

    It can be quite physically taxing. Requires a lot of practice. Can be done solo or as a team.

    It seems pretty sporty. I think the only issue with cheerleading is scoring such an activity. There is no truly objective method to score points for something that is designed to illicit an emotional response as it's goal. Any judging of such activity would always be extremely biased, even more than other sketchy-to-judge sports.

    If ice skating or gymnastics are considered sports, I see no reason why cheerleading shouldn't be.

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    never was and never will be

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    Anything that involves intense training is a sport. So yes, it is.

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    Not even close to a sport, not every physical exercise that takes a lot of practice is a sport. Dancing for example is not a sport. In USA you guys cheer in a really fancy way that's it.

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    I used to think it was just a bunch of silliness, but then I went to a training session with a friend of mine. That shit's intense - you have to be strong, have good endurance, and a sense of timing/ showmanship to be able to pull it off.

    As for Olympics... ehhhh. That's a difficult one. There ARE cheerleading competitions that are obviously judged, so it would be able to be judged, but at the same time it's more of a performance than a traditional "sport".

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    Anyone interested on the subject should watch the Penn & Teller Bullsh*t episode on cheer leading, it's on youtube.
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    Except that there are competitions, sponsors, merchandise, scouts, managers, training, working as a team and everything else that goes along with it being a sport.

    Nope, totally not a sport.

    "Gauging the health of a game by reading its forums is akin to gauging the health of a community by visiting its hospitals." - Ghostcrawler quoting someone else.

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    The only sport the cheerleaders got at my school was in the locker rooms after the game

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    If golfing and bowling are considered sports, then damn might as well say cheerleading is too

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    cheerleading is not a sport.

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    Pushed to the "sports forum"

    ooooh. controversy :P

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    Like fishing, chess and starcraft 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    Pushed to the "sports forum"

    ooooh. controversy :P

    you told me not to take my date to fast five, because it supposedly wasn't that good. She loved it. I call you a lair my good sir.

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    The rule about what is and isn't a sport is easy.

    If you can pull a groin doing it, then it's a sport.

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    if cheerleading was a sport, sports stores would sell glitter.

    Cheerleading is ridiculous. Cheerleading? In my olympics? Hell fuck no.

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    If chess is a sport, I guess cheerleading can be too.

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    why is it that something has to be male-dominated in order to be considered a legitimate sport?

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    Spectator sport ;-)

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