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    Shadow Stat Values

    So, I tend to run SimCraft religiously and try my best to optimize my gear even though I am not in any official raiding groups (I am a super pug). Just the other day, I manged to get 2290 haste which puts me slightly above the final "soft cap" of sorts assuming I have DI. When I ran SimCraft after they finally fixed the recent 4.1 bugs, it told me that I should value mastery significantly more than haste. I find that weird.

    I know that for the BiS set haste is still valued over mastery, and I know that mastery's value can be kind of spikey, but I am just confused as to why mastery is apparently worth more than haste for me now. I am wondering if this is possibly a glitch in SimCraft, or if the fact that I only have the 2pc set (since I don't raid full time) and only 500ish mastery? I just don't want to screw up when planning future pieces to pick up.
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    Simcraft will show that to you every now and then. You should still value haste as much as possible, remembering the long term goal.

    Post your armory link plz btw.

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    Just follow the rule "if it you can add more haste do it" i can debate for mastery vs crit but haste is just the most valuable stat after intellect at this point of the expansion,tier.

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    If I'm not very much mistaken, thats her:

    Lynlyns Armory

    Don't exspect to always have DI, you're a pugger :-)
    Besides Nothing wrong with your armory.

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    If that's you, you reforged out of haste on your OH. Fix that and you're set. As for the mastery thing, it probably is one of those spikes. Add another piece with haste and it should go back down.

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    According to SimCraft, the hit is still a bigger gain since I am above the soft cap thing I guess. I actually like being hit capped but only allowed myself not to be since I wanted to hit the final soft cap. I know that people say it doesn't matter much if you pay attention, but missing MB with 3 orbs, shadows about to fall off, and all procs really sucks and I can be unlucky sometimes-- unless the fight is really long and I have time to recover, these issues can plummet my dps by like 500 (especially multi-dot ones).

    I didn't think anything was wrong with my armory, but was instead asking if something was possibly wrong with SimCraft because they did just have that recent hiccup with the wowarmory changes.

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    As an aside... if your ES is about to fall off and you miss a MB you still get a new ES as it happens when you cast MB with orbs up, not if you do damage with MB...

    I don't know what is going on with Simulationcraft... if it is telling you mastery is better than haste fore right now I would ignore that as there doesn't seem to be a good reason why that should be.

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