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    Worst raid Blizz ever made? And why.

    Title says it all. Now we have seen a thread where the best raid experience is discussed.

    Now lets talk about the worst.

    For me its like this:

    1: TOC - Thats not an instance. Thats the wow version of Mortal Kombat. "round 3 - fight" And bosses were a pain.

    2: Zul Gurub - First raid experience. Maybe i just wans´t ready at the time. Took some beating there. Not a fan of the troll theme either, though i like the new 5 man version.

    3: Blackwing Descent - I actually only like Atramedes. Thats not enough for a whole instance.

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    SSC, you are killing fishes. fishes....

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    Thron of the four winds....Jesus help us all...
    Toc was really shitty because its all around staying on the same platform.
    All instances that were made again (onyxia, za,zg, nax, strat (cot)) I hate raiding the same shit again

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    Trial of the Crusader with no doubt.

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    Uhm, at the time I actually liked the fights in ToC, except the beasts and faction champions.. The rest of it (which wasn't much) was the problem imo.

    But still, the two worst raids are probably:
    1. ToC
    2. BWD. Like the OP said, Atramedes is a good fight. The rest of them are really boring.

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    The Naxxramas rehash. I know a lot of people hate ToC, but atleast it gave our guild a few weeks entertainment, mostly on heroic Anubarak. Naxx literally offered nothing after week 1 except achievement farming. And some of those achievements were unbelievably badly designed. Someone disconnects or has temporary brain failure on one of the 15 fights during your Immortal run, you're probably gonna fail. Or the undermanning achievement, where you need to forcibly bench 5 people who might still need the odd piece of gear.

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    TOC for many reasons...

    It was introduced too soon so we could not experience Ulduar a it's best and it was a small raid we crap easy bosses (scratch the heroic all-attempt version that was fucking hard at the time) with aboslutely minimum lore behind it.

    Then I kinda disliked ICC after we had it for a whole year with no new real content (RS does not count).

    Awesome sig made by Elyaan! Ty very much!

    Took part in thread "The day EU trolled Blizzard" on 22/02/2011. Will never forget. (Most PPS)

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    ToC... 1 room...

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    Trial of the Crusader, because its easy and ruined Ulduar :<.

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    without a doubt TOC

    Not crazy about hose one here:

    Throne of the four wind
    blackwing descend

    Plus let me add Zul Aman because of the timer, It was creating alot of tention with some people in my guild , its just not fun to raid with some stress people

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    Here you go, have a new raid when you're all playing ulduar.
    You have 4 different raids at once, so, have fun managing your raid timers this week.


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    TOC, no contest, ever!

    1. It came too soon and overshadowed one of the best raid instances ever made.

    2. You could do up to 4 different versions of it each week.

    3. Except for Anub, no fight was a serious challenge. (There were some intesting fight mechanics though)

    4. Punishment for wiping.

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    Would have to say ToC as well, agree with everyone else that it came out too fast and no one got to really enjoy ulduar as much.

    I did like a few of the fights in ToC though

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    Naxx25. Go there in greens, roll face, collect loot. Oh wait, all the fucking noobs in the planet are now eligible for raiding, server lags at peak hours for 2 months. So there was this unenjoyable pile of junk raid which we could not even farm comfortably because the screen froze for 30s on Grobbulus every night.
    ToC. Really bland bosses in 1... okay 2 rooms. Oh and Faction Champions? Really, I play pve because I hate pvp. Don't force this arena-like garbage on me please. And we had to abandon the brilliant Ulduar because this bad raid came out. This was the first time I cancelled my sub after ~4 years and in fact didn't play for months.
    EoE. Malygos is full of bugs and on the top of that, p3 is a flight phase. WoW sucks at 3D, please don't make such fights anymore. Guildies suck even more at 3D, so this boss was a pain in every possible aspect.
    Sartharion with 0-1 drakes. What a joke.

    You guess how much I loved wotlk.
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    Molten Core, unimaginative bosses, boring mechanics

    What? I loved the place but lets be honest, if it hadnt been the first it would have been the worst

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    Re-vamped Naxx

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    i never did vanilla wow raids and havent done any cata ones yet, but from TBC and WOTLK id say my least favorite was ToC - i enjoyed the valkyie bosses and anub'arak but the others were a bit meh also the lack of change in scenery made it a bit mundane, untill the floor collapsed :P

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    ToC was definitely the worst abomination Blizzard ever created. And that's saying something, considering they created Rotface and Festergut!

    The raid was incredibly short, it was practically free loot (With the sole exception of the Faction Champions, who were a pain in the ass), and the bosses were generally uninteresting. I can only thank god that Ulduar was as long as it was -- Even if the ToC gear was better, I liked continuing with Ulduar a lot more then running ToC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grufindus View Post
    Thron of the four winds....Jesus help us all...
    Toc was really shitty because its all around staying on the same platform.
    All instances that were made again (onyxia, za,zg, nax, strat (cot)) I hate raiding the same shit again
    Onyxia wasnt meant as a new "raid" - it was an aniversary special - one off - not designed to be long lasting
    ZA - point taken - very much the same
    ZG - same scenery - everything else different
    NAXX - if you raided it at 60, fair enough. However 99% of the wow population didnt.
    Strat - Seriously? CoS is NOTHING like the old strat. Again, only some of the scenery reused.

    So... only naxx if you are one of the 1%, ZA, and a "special event boss" are "raiding the same shit" really.

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