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    Whats your favourite Advert.

    Above has to be the best Advert i have ever seen.
    totally amazing i just sit there and keep rewinding it make me
    chuckle every time.

    whats your favourite Advert/Commercial.

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    Not even a contest, yo.

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    i LOL'ed
    pretty cool.

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    rofl!, making bookmark of this page, looking forward to tomorrow already !!!!
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    Old Spice, no contest.

    Clarification: Not just the commercial. Their Youtube channel has hundreds of replies to people when the did a twitter day and a bunch of random stuff also, all of it which is good
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    Got milk?

    Though not in a video format, that campaign is legendary.
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    One of my personal favorites.

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    Always liked this one.

    This one was weird for beer, but there aussies.


    Any of the Evian water adverts..
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    Mostly because I do download music and on occasion movies. And given the chance, I would totally download a car.

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    That Old Spice one with the black dude, those are all really funny

    But, this one has to be my favorite

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    this is probably the most well done commercial ive seen:

    and this is a cool one for the shock value lol:

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    All the Old Spice ads are really great.
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    [QUOTE=ashley2ashes;11395857]this is probably the most well done commercial ive seen:

    Geezus christ that made me cry O.o

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    No Allstate Mayhem commercials yet? I'm ashamed!

    Oh and the John West Bear Commercial
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    That is all.

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    Genius. One of the funniest adverts made.

    Well who doesn't remember this?

    And that, because I couldn't find ball in a cup.
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    This is the best advert ever that isn't actually an advert!
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    Oh man i wished id check the post BEFORE i got to work ill have to wait till i get home to see these clips.

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