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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajtbagger View Post
    Oh man i wished id check the post BEFORE i got to work ill have to wait till i get home to see these clips.
    haha same, the family guy one is great

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    Can't top this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    Can't top this one.
    HAHA this ones great LOL

    keep em coming something to do while Camping Aeonaxx lol

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    funny as hell

    simple and funny aswell

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    I'll slap you so hard you'll feel like you've kissed a Freight Train..

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    Made me crack up when my friend showed it to me in the middle of one of his animes.

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    this one too
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    Budgie Smugglers
    Quote Originally Posted by Makamoka View Post
    You not gamer, you go play your boring "Real life" with crappy graphics'n stuff! You cant even do Quests, dungeons and BGs in "IRL" :s
    "The ship of failure floats on a sea of excuses."

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    can't post the full link ;(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khandor View Post

    can't post the full link ;(

    There you go!
    Yes I know Renagade is spelt wrong, I have use this name since I was about 5 and stuck with it ^_^
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    I know exactly where this was filmed in Los Angeles. ;o

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    I haven't seen an ad in ages: /
    Satellite Radio, no ads.
    Don't watch TV, no ads.
    AdBlocker Plus with Chrome, no ads.

    EDIT:But, out of the ones I have seen, the "Messin with sasquatch" series has to be my favorite.
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    Two, one to screw the jelly fish in, and a second to rape the minds of the innocent.

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    the allstate commercials are ok, but the geico commercials with the guy that asks "can switching to geico really save you money? [insert bear-in-the-woods-style rhetorical question here]?" are one of my all-time faves... "does Foghorn Leghorn make a bad book narrator?" LMAO!
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    Ah yeah...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Negrido View Post
    Mostly because I do download music and on occasion movies. And given the chance, I would totally download a car.
    Everytime I see that it reminds me of:

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    Yes it is real

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    direct tv ) the russian guy

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    lol i just keep pressing replay XD, pilot sunglasses win

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