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    Oh so this is why the rapture did'nt happend 00:07

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    Definitely the pepsi one... Damn they're good!!!
    Congratulations on graduating to expert level trolling, I would stick around but I'm busy getting gay married in 13 states and performing roadside abortions while passing bills that take away people's guns while i sip superior european wine and cheese i bought with european style socialist money, arrivaderci!

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    Have you guys seen the vodafone ad with the zoo zoo. It is the best in the world . and have you guys heard of an Audi green car ad. It think it's Audi a8, which is really a unique concept. In zoo zoo, ad , the uniqueness and the atachment to the masses is the key. Like , in every ad , if you get attached to the masses your ad will succeed, or if you are in a niche segment, that's a different case:
    So. I will go for
    1. vodafone
    2. Audi a8 green car ad.

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