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    Shadow Tier Question

    My main spec is Healing, but I do love going Shadow when ever I can. I know the ins and outs of it and do great DPS. I currently have 2 tier items and think the 2P bonus is nice. Looking at most BIS lists I noticed most if not all have non-tier items as their BIS. Now is this just based on the thoughtput from the items or is the bonuses from the Tier really not worth getting? I ask cause I recently got the gloves off of Chogal, but I currently wear Gloves/Chest to get my 2P bonus. What are yalls thoughts on swapping out and dropping the bonus for the better thoughtput item.

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    i thought nonset gear gave higher stats to compensate for the loss of tier bonus?

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    There are certain specific situations where using the non-teir gear would be better than getting the 4pc bonus (it is kind of weak) but in general getting the 4pc is going to end up being better. So basically comparing each piece the nonteir will be higher but if you consider the PP value of getting the 4pc (iirc that is 70pp) using the two extra tier pieces is better.

    If that was confusing basically use the 2pc of tier until you can get 4pc (so it's not generally worthwhile to use 3pc of tier.

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    Most BiS lists (the one here/on HTP and on Shadow Priest) separate out the value of the 2p and 4p bonuses from the value of the item because you may or may not have 2/4 pieces to get the bonuses, or, you might have 3 pieces so only 2 of those pieces are contributing to obtaining the 2p bonus, so the 3rd really doesn't get any extra PP.

    With that being said, you most definitely want at least the 2p. 4p is debatable depending on what offset pieces you have in those slots, I.E.: if you have 3 372 items for head/shoulders/legs and you have 4 T11 359 pieces for shoulders/chest/gloves/legs, you're going to want to use gloves+chest/legs/shoulder T11 pieces and non-tier pieces for head+shoulders+legs/chest because the PP gain from the 372 items is worth more than the 4p bonus.
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    The tier gloves with the 2-pc bonus are generally regarded as being more DPS. You may want to consider looking for another slot to obtain your 2-pc bonus now that you have the Cho'gall gloves.

    Edit: Generally speaking, what "they ^" said while I was typing my response.

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    Thank you Arlee Izzard rocks... but not to get off subject, yes Twintop, that was more of the question I was asking, if the Bonuses added that much thoughtput that they are worth getting over just weighing stats on the items. I do love the 2P, not a huge fan of the 4, but haven't had tokens go to offspec so much that I can test it out myself. Our token has been by far the least to drop for our guild /sadface. I guess for now I will wear my Tier Gloves until I come across another Tier item to swap elsewhere.

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