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    Rift Recruit-A-Friend megathread

    Please post all recruitment requests and links here, similar to the WoW thread.

    It seems that there's a new recruit-a-friend program very similar to the WoW version. To keep everything organized and make things easy to find, I'll ask that everyone keep their links here. You're welcome to offer in-game goodies (bags, plat, artifacts, guild, whatever), but..

    We do NOT allow real-money offers or transactions of any kind. Please do NOT post real-life info.

    Please keep the thread clean and professional; we don't need any "Oh, I'm a girl and I'll send you pics!" here.

    The recruiter can get a pet (corgi-like dog), hat (feathered), and mount (Swift Ember Steed) for 1, 2, and 3 referrals buying the game. The recruited gets 7 days of game time and an in-game title, "The Chosen". Both friends receive all of each others' characters on their friends list automatically, and there's an in-game teleport to each other every 30 minutes (similar to WoW).

    For more information, see here.

    If you've gotten your prizes, please remove your link/post so others can have a chance!
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    I think it has a 7 day free trial too
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    Still lokking to get a couple more people for my mount!

    If you buy game, I'll give you money for mount + some to get you started.
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    if anyone is interested, Defiant Wolfsbane /fistpump
    US /somethingpumpnotreallysurenottopridefuloverthis...
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    Belmont, Defiant side. Buy the game and I will give you the cash for your first mount
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    Shivermere EU - Guardians

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    Campaign "Give Liv a Puppy!"

    Hi guys!

    As my RL friends all have joined before this campaign, here goes my code for ou all.

    To all who wants to join, this code gives 7-day trial and if you buy the game you'll get 30 days more! Please enjoy!

    And please use this code!! I want that puppy so much!!


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    Guild <Consortium>

    Roll up, roll up, roll up and click the linkie

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    Immerwacht (EU - German)

    Would be nice to see, if i could invite some people to play this nice game=) Send me a PM if you have any Questions.

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    Hi Guys,

    Sagespire (EU - English,Type - PvP)
    Guardians (Guardians is a faction, however you could alternatively choose Defiants!)

    Sagespire is a great server, which I find to be quite balanced. No que times yet when logging in (maybe need a few more Guardians if anything!).

    Rift is a fantastic game which, in my opinion, takes all the good aspects of WoW and adds them to a new game aswell as adding all the missing parts from WoW that make it the disappointing game that it is now. There are huge events that happen regularly in the world around you. Attacks on towns and villages (they appear suddenly through rifts) that require a great number of players to work together and take down the oncoming enemy. Huge bosses spawning as you progress through the events requiring more and more players to work together to reach the harder stages (which thus provide you with greater rewards!). The Events and rifts really do cater for every players needs.

    But what more good will I do explaining the game, you really have to see it for yourself! The graphics are fantastic if your system can cope, but fear not, i regulaly play on my laptop whilst working away which means I need to dull them down, which still looks great.

    So head on over to to get the full 'reading' experience of what fun and excitment there is to be had in the game, and click my link above for a free 7 day trial!

    You can also click here for two decent reviews of rift which I think sum the game up nicely: and

    Patch 1.2 is being release today which in my opinion is a great time to start with the latest fixes and improvements that are happening.
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    Belmont Defiant side. If you buy the game and after leaving the starting area I will set you up with 18 slot bags and your first mount.
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    Wolfsbane Defiant Side. I'll hook you up with a mount if you buy the game and some bags!

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    This service is now live guys. Hope this gets more attention. Easy 7 day trial

    What has been made by QQ can be unmade by QQ!!!

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    how much is monthly sub in Rift?

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    It's $15, just like WoW. You can get a discount by buying in 3- or 6-month blocks, also like WoW.

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    Greybriar, Defiant. I will give 18-slot bags and first mount for the first 3 that sign up.

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    I'm laughing so hard right now. My friend and I wished so much for something like this so I could join the game with bonueses but I ended up picking it up anyway. And loe and behold a week later they start. Oh how funny my misfortunes are

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    What are the restrictions of this trial? Obviously Rift's site is misleading and not stating them.

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