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    Reposting. Deepstrike is a great server, Go go!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lylitu View Post
    Hello all,

    I clicked and purchased off of someone on this forum (can't for the life of me find you, you were on Shadefallen, which is the server some friends play on). However, that's a PvE-RP server and can't really stand it.

    So instead I mostly play Guardian on Deepstrike - PvP, a high pop server.

    If you're interested and click my link (and choose the same server of course) I'll toss you some of those starter goods to help you out, for helping ME out!

    Your 7-Day Free Trial and fun awaits. Definitely worth atleast the try!

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    Rift really is pretty great. I quit WoW about two months back and just recently gave the free Trial a shot and loved it. Similar to WoW in many ways, but a very refreshing change of pace.

    If you want to give it a shot, please get the trial using this link:
    Rift Free 7 Day Trial

    Obviously, I'd be getting rewards if you use my link and decide to stay, so I'm willing to help you out in return (just come to the Silkweb server as a Guardian)!

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    Hey guys, just wanted to extend a welcome from my server on rift to anyone on the fence about checking out rift.

    Join us on Briarcliff - US Defiant side! This link is good for a 7 day free trial to see if Rift is something you may enjoy.

    Briarcliff is the most populous PvP server in the game! With very evenly matched warfronts, lots of world PvP during raid/invasion events, and some excellent endgame PvE raiding guilds that have cleared all content, Briarcliff defiant is the way to go!

    I am an officer in an endgame guild that has no particular emphasis on PvE(constantly gearing up fresh level 50 players for PvE content) or PvP so you'll get a good mix of both or you can move onto something more focused once you hit 50 and get geared. We have some very nice guild perks and are level 10 already so you'll reap the full benefits of joining. Also a vent server, and web site of course.

    PvP premades are abound as well on Briarcliff defiant side, so easy prestige/valor (rank and honor respectively) if that's your thing. Briarcliff is a bustling,dynamic server that's always got something going on. There's also a large oceanic population so if you play late night US like me, or hail from the Oceanic countries, you'll certainly never be logging on to a dead server.

    Come see what this newfangled MMO is all about. I was very skeptical, and almost didnt buy it, but once I found the soul I liked and started PvPing, I was hooked. If you're like me and enjoyed WoW, but really just feel burnt out on old Azeroth, give this game a whirl.

    Feel free to send me a tell ingame on my mage, Grumfuddock if you have any questions at all. I dont mind helping you out with a few plat to get your first mount and whatnot if you do decide to purchase the game.
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    Reposting since my last one got NO hits

    Eu gamers prefered.
    Server: Bloodiron (PVP)-one of the best populated.
    Faction: Defiant (because magitech and time travelers beats bible preachers any day)

    I will of course be around to answer questions and help out, can't guarantee a lot of boosting tho since I can't play 24/7 anymore.

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    Looking for people for my Recruit a friend =) Its a great game went from wow to this, and i must say promising things are cming from rift.
    In a top guild for raiding and know alot about this game so far.

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    @Trlz: YOINK. :3

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    Looking for people to join me on Silkweb through ascend a friend. The game has been a lot of fun and a new patch is almost out. I play defiant side on Silkweb if you need any help.

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    I've seen pretty often within the Rift megathread [I'm a bit of a creepy lurker here at MMO-Champion, have been for quite awhile], that the reason that they end up leaving, or that they're afraid to try the game, is that they were/would be alone, and that playing MMOs alone just isn't very fun. Well, I agree, which is why I would like to open up my doors to all those who want to try Rift, or who have bought Rift, but do not want to play alone - my guild welcomes you.

    Without further adieu, I present, to those interested, The Night's Watch:

    "Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come."
    The Night's Watch is a Guardian guild in Rift based on the Dayblind server. Our objective is a simple one, to create a guild that caters to all players. Within the guild, we are separated by ranks to show our interests and goals within Rift. Those ranks are the following:

    Ranger: Members interested in mostly the pvp aspects of Rift, and are skilled at it.
    Steward:Members interested in the pve aspects of Rift, such as running dungeons, raids, and rifts
    Builder: These members are casual players within the guild, not really searching to be in the competitive aspects of the guild, but would like to be apart of its community.

    Feel free to send me a message in game: I can be found on Urgan, Sketchit, or Sketchits.

    For those who want to come joni us, I'm willing to give you some starting bags and a mount once you hit level 16.

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    Could use one more for my mount; but the more that show up the better =) I'm much higher now and can provide monies, a mount, bags, and a big group of friends that will provide lots of camaraderie!

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    Got my third
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    Hey all! If anyone is interested in trying out rift, Message me for a free trial, wont let me post links :P
    Here we go, its letting me now.
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    Alright guys 'n gals, time to get to know Telara while Azeroth is in the down season right now.

    You will receive these special rewards for subscribing if you liked the trial:

    • Special in-game title: “The Chosen”
    • You and your friend will be linked forever, able to teleport to one another’s locations once every thirty minutes.
    • 30 days of game time
    If you subscribe with me as your referrer, you will also start with a free mount, all 4 bag slots with 18 slot bags,
    and my eternal mentor-ship to help you along in the game.

    Send me a PM with any questions by clicking my name to the left of this post, and I'll see you in game!

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    Hey ho,

    I am new to Rift.
    I am planning to buy game by the end of the week and I can take someones invite. I am open for offers.

    P.S.: This must be english EU shard, Defiant side.
    91 lvl Elit Alcoholic Ирез

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    Got the game and ready to invite myself.
    I am playing in EU shard Riptalon as Defiant cleric. 11 level by the moment so not much help from me. But if you are planning to buy game anyway please feel free to hit my link:
    91 lvl Elit Alcoholic Ирез

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    hey all,
    there is a nice sale on the official page going on: 12 euro for the standard edition and 17 for the CE

    if you plan on buying it for this awesome price it would be nice if you used my referral link first

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    I play on Bloodiron (EU) and I'm pretty lonley, one of my friends is gonna try the game out but that's it. If you wish to join me lvling and doing isntances (pretty casual) buy the game with this link and just message me ingame!

    Im always up for starting a new character. There is so much to do with the costumization with characters so making a new one will only be fun.

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    In a plastic bottle.
    Defiant Belmont PVE. Join me and we can level together! There's still time to buy Rift for only 10$ and the collector's edition for only 15 on Steam!

    Joining through my invite gets you a title!

    Click the link and send me a message once you're in. It will friend add you automatically. scend_invite

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