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    Guis game of things tonight who else excited!? I know I am!
    I'm looking forward to the disappointment
    It ignores such insignificant forces as time, entropy, and death

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    I wonder if Edmure Tully still is chilling in his prison cell after Arya killed all the Freys lol. Probably starved to death already.

    "We kind of forgot about Edmure Tully"

    Atleast they probably found a way to add in dorne back by adding some random new dornish dude just to give dany some more soldiers right when she needs them.

    Cant wait for my weekly fanfiction! Are you ready for Cleganebowl? Will be sad to see both die in the fire tbh. I love the hound.
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    I'm so god damn excited for this episode.
    I am more excited to read the rage on these forums tomorrow morning.

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    The only way the show can recover is if Cersei wins.

    Everyone would be like, whoa! Did not see that coming.

    "This will be a fight against overwhelming odds from which survival cannot be expected. We will do what damage we can."

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    The only way the show can recover is if Cersei wins.

    Everyone would be like, whoa! Did not see that coming.
    Not really. With only 2 episodes left, there's nothing they can do to actually save it. Everything needs a good set up to work, not enough time for anything right now.

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    My prediction is that Cersei loses in the upcoming episode, and the finale will be Jon vs Daenarys who will have completely lost her mind by then and goes insane. Its going to feel rushed and unsatisfying.

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    Subtitles got leaked and the are true, welp rip show.

    Ring the bells!

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    I just don't understand why people who are hopeful about the Night King's return need to be mocked and even bullied at times. It's the same thing with Littlefinger's fans. Just let us speculate lol, not everyone has to be petty and pessimistic about everything.
    They are sad hurt people who don't know how to communicate effectively.

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    Well at this point it seems clear to me dany is worse than cersei. Her kill count of innocent people of a surrendered city has to trump the shit cersei has done in terms of being a tyrant.

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    Jesus fucking Christ, how did they manage to fuck this season up so fucking badly.

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    They just killed the show...what Dany just did made ZERO sense.

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    Bwahahahahahahahaha, holy shit what the fuck is thissadasdasdasd qwe21qw q

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    The damn leaks were true. Ok, why? Just why? Drama for the sake of drama and even that was done wrong.
    The hype is gone in me, this was just so... pointless...

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    "Mercy is our strength."

    20 min laters.


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    The hype is gone in me, this was just so... pointless...
    ''Nailed it''.

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    Told you so.

    Atleast the visuals were on point and soundtrack + acting was great too. Its just the writing. Meh

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    Was that Dany previous horse or a reference to it? Or just a random horse?

    Is Arya Azor Ahai?

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    ehm guys, what just happened?

    this was so freaky insane. i'm kinda speechless.

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