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    I know 5% isn't much but I promise you that behind the scenes at Blizzard they are cringing. A big business never ever EVER wants to lose that much. Break even? OK, it sucks but no loss. Losing 5%? OUCH! A huge money making machine like that always wants to have an increase. Always and forever more. Someone is getting chewed out. I just know it. :P

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    well blizzard can't do much for their old fan-base.Those are the ones who have quite literally been there and done that.I'm just waiting for gw 2 i love this game and have made it my home here all these 5yrs.But as soon as something else viable comes up it will be time to say goodbye for good

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    Quote Originally Posted by implicationmmo View Post
    There are several reasons why they lost 600k subscribers:

    - 4.0 has been out since some time
    - Rift is still a new game, and people will start coming back ot Wow in a bit (4.2 maybe?)

    So no worries for Wow just yet
    Blizzard/Activision actually stated that most of the players have already returned to WoW. I dont think Rift had any sort of affect on WoW's subscriber numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theoron View Post
    Can't wait to see more on D3. Really anxious to play it for myself. Great news there, too bad about the subscription loss, but honestly, they still have a LOT of subscriptions and where some people leave, others join, certainly nothing to place too huge an impact on anything.
    the problem here is that the Vanilla and most of the expansions really haven't dropped in price much at all, and a lot of new players arn't willing to fork out ~100 dollars for Wow, they go from the current somewhat snazzy 1-60 stuff, mind you, npcs basically do everything for you now, seems really meh once you do it once, anyway and then they hit Outland, and it's not as shiny anymore, a lot of new people are staying a bit longer then level 10, but it's not worth forking out a fair chunk of money to just give a test run of a game, which seems to have plateaued
    Unfortunately, until the people at Blizzard take time to quit explaining why they are right and anyone who disagrees is wrong, they are not going to even hear everyone speaking out desperately trying to warn them the ship is sinking.
    the problems driving players from WoW aren't content or the age of the game, the problem is how the game experience and design philosophy are being undermined by Blizzard's hubris and greed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    H: Sinestra: 348 (0.61%) and H: Cho'gall: 665 (1.17%)
    means hardmodes are too hard. 5-10% would be a good number.
    if you compare it to normal mode:
    100% agree with this post. Hardmodes are way too difficult.

    It annoys me when people claim you aren't done with the content since you haven't cleared all the hardmodes. If only 348 guilds have killed her, I dont think that's a playerbase issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadamehr View Post
    Its not that players went through the Cataclysm content faster than expected. Its that the content wasn't there to begin with. A lot of Cataclysm's development was spent on redesigning level 1 to 60 leveling content. I don't know about the rest of you but I buy expansions expecting to play new content on my main, not to go back and do all the level 1 to 60 areas. I wonder how much more we would have had if they hadn't of done that ? That and putting the A Team on Titan.
    Lets be clear, they spent ages redoing the 1-60 experience and then drastically increased the xp gain, plus threw in heirlooms for almost every slot so that new leveling experience lasts little more than a week, and that is being generous. They then wonder after devoting so much time and energy to that, how people can run out of content so fast.

    The mind boggles seriously. Most people have been saying for months the 1-60 leveling curve is both far too fast and mind numbingly easy. Even me, who usually enjoys leveling has grown bored since player power in relation to mob power has grown by about 300% since Classic.
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    daily blink = me in a nutshell oh

    and on the 11.4m id think it has alot to do with it being summer and alot of eu ppl take that time to not play games , but to go outside

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    They are saying 600K but it feels way more than that. I'am one of those 600K that left and I've been playing since November 2004, why did I leave? Well one of the main reasons was the queue times, 30-40 minute wait for a single instance scared away their subscribers, I also think having to restart and on top of that relearn the new terrain didn't help either, more than half my guild left. Blizz gave me a 7 day free pass just 2 days ago and most of my complaints have been fixed, queue times are like 5-9 mins max now as DPS and I can do a weeks worth of dailys in 1 day, but when I checked the guild roster nobody was on and has been on for over a week, this was an active guild with over 200 people who were friends for years, I knew personally and were WoW addicts like me, no sign of them Its really sad to be honest. Im probably not going to come back, maybe if they offered me a server transfer or something I might reconsider. I knew this was going to happen when I was playing Cata beta, I knew the changes were going to scare people away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasz View Post
    Not when we have to wait half a year for another raid its not. And that is assuming that 4.2 will be out within a month. Did they honestly expect a single tier of raid content to last over a year?
    they did that in the beginning of wotlk with the exceptionable horrible naxxramas crap tier.
    yes, the game is much better now than it was in the beginning of wotlk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleV View Post
    so i guess like another 25%+ are sitting on subs and not playing due to being to attached to there toons and not wanting to cancel just in-case they come back.... ya 11.4 but i bet allot more are not playing anywhere near the amount they used to. meh blizzard gets the same amount of money if they play or not as long as they pay still. I guess. cheaper server costs I guess thats the idea behind the game being more casual the less they pay but same they play blizzard wins.

    5% loss in profits from players is fairly significant though. when a game comes out numbers should go up or stay the same not diminish rofl. poor blizzard
    There is no 5% loss in profits, they were MORE profitable even with the loss in subscription numbers. There is actually no area in the report where they earned less money this quarter!

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    Lower the price of the subscription 8.99 is a joke for a game that is hardly as good as it used to me. they wonder why people wont resub, paying that much to be play a week or 2 then bored and cancel the rest of the month is what generally happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 08fager View Post
    daily blink = me in a nutshell oh

    and on the 11.4m id think it has alot to do with it being summer and alot of eu ppl take that time to not play games , but to go outside
    I don't think that Blizzard did not take the usual seasonal fluctuation into account. This is more than that and quite frankly, I'm not surprised. If you are an average good player you have chewed every non-raid and normal-mode content including getting your 4.1 pink zul bear and have no real reason to log in.
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    WoW is showing its age. Cataclysm, for all that it did have, had very little to keep players hooked. Heroics... nothing new from Wrath, aside from higher difficulty. New zones... eh, only a handful of them, and they were all very linear (how many times can you run through TH and still find it enjoyable?). Raids... Blackwing Descent was largely recycled from Blackrock Mountain assets we saw 6 years ago, Bastion was pretty cool, and Throne of the Four Winds was short. 4.1 is barely tiding most players over - we saw ZG and ZA 4 to 5 years ago, and they haven't changed that much to keep most players interested beyond one or two runs, maybe a few more - that is a week's entertainment at this rate, at most.

    Players consumed Cata's offerings because there really wasn't anything to wow them. If you've done Vortex Pinnacle once, you've seen it. Archeology wasn't a slam dunk, but a grind. The revamped 'classic' world was awesome, but only for one or two playthroughs. After doing all this for years (depending on how long you've subscribed), it's getting to be old hat. People don't just want something new, they want something that isn't World of Warcraft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tatis View Post
    I khow why players quit WoW: Archeology!

    It's so boring that I fall asleep during the trip from a dig site to another!
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    ohh this is not good

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowflay View Post
    If they stopped fucking around with buffing classes and giving them fotm for few months and actually fixing the game they would have some subscribers left
    11.4 million = none left?
    Most classes are actually more even this expansion than any of the previous ones. They need mass testing on live servers on how scaling and differing playstyles pan out. Not enough people accurately document and test out on the beta/PTR's after each change to give a solid figure. Most care more about trying to feel super OP with new gear and also how to corner the market when said patch goes live (tradeskill mats etc). So, once its live they test and adjust. As it is now, most classes have easy counters, and counter another class easily. I can only think of 1 class actually struggling in high end arena and that is hunters. Last look almost all classes still had players in the top teams somewhere, although not in as high of ratio.

    Also, this happens every expansion, numbers surge prior and during an expansion, and drop off after 3-9 months as initial content loses interest in some players. It has been a larger fall and sooner this time, but then it was also only 5 levels and less total zones implemented so the solo interest was much shorter.

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    Diablo>Warcraft. Once Diablo 3 comes out, I will never look at WoW again.
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    WoW Lost 600k Subscribers
    is anyone surprised? if so why? long term motivation = endgame content. Unlike wotlk, cataclysm is not an addon for the masses, it is an addon for hardcore gamers. Of course you will lose subscribers.

    -pros don't have enough endgame content
    -the endgame content is not accessible to the masses
    = you lose subcribers

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    I am one of those 600k, and I can sum up why I quit in 6 words.

    "Looking for Group: Call to Arms".

    A development team that resorts to overt bribery to resolve a core game design problem is a development team that I will not support.

    The saddest part is that the system is working - not just because of the influx of noob tanks - but the "outflux" of decent players that are tired of being treated like they don't matter. When one DPS can carry an entire heroic group through a dungeon and then get no recognition for it beyond his own DPS meter, but a half-assed tank can fudge his way through a dungeon and get a free mount?

    No thanks.

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    I think the most frusterating thing to hear is, " diablo 3 will kill wow"..... rofl okay I've heard this from how many games now? how many? I don't think so....

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